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Despite the fact that you survive on the basis of small escapes during the year, it is very possible that you want to take advantage of your summer vacation, usually longer, to be able to lose you for a very distant destination. And that is to save during the year to be able to enjoy a few weeks in a paradisiacal environment such as the Caribbean or Australia, or a more culturally different destination such as Japan or South Korea is increasingly common.

Being able to travel far will offer you many benefits during your vacation, especially if you have a traveling soul, curious and adventurous. Sin embargo, when your holiday destination is on another continent, It is worth taking into account some details that you may not pay too much attention to when traveling to a neighboring country, especially within Europe.

Así, for your trip outside the continent it is worth worrying about things like the weather at your destination during this time of year; about your rights as an air passenger for which you can always get advice from AirHelp in case of claim for canceled flights o delayed, and also about what is necessary to visit the country in question (such as visas and vaccines). De esta forma, you will be able to travel safely and trying to avoid unforeseen events.

Find out about the weather in your destination during this time of year

Knowing the climate of your destination is essential, especially when packing, and it is that the months of June, July and August are not summer all over the world and, on the other hand, summer doesn't have the same characteristics everywhere either.

Por eso, you must keep in mind that, if your destination is in the southern hemisphere and you travel between the months of June and September, what you will find are cold temperatures, because those countries are in winter.

If you are going to countries in the northern hemisphere, junio, July and August are still summer months, but you don't have to expect a summer similar to the one you experience in Spain. Por ejemplo, summers in south korea o Japan registers temperatures similar to those in Spain, but there is a lot of humidity and, además, it's rainy season. Something similar happens in the Caribbean area, por ejemplo, where temperatures exceed 30 °C and the rains are usually abundant but brief and sudden.

Your rights as an air passenger outside the European Union

The rules (CE) 261 is the European regulation that regulates the rights of passengers in the EU and some additional territories. So that, if your destination is outside this territory, You will not always be able to rely on these regulations in the event of a flight delay or cancellation..

European law is one of the most complete when it comes to the rights of air passengers.. Por eso, It never hurts to take into account in which cases you will be able to benefit, especially if you are outside the EU.

If your origin is a European airport, you don't have to worry about your rights if your flight is canceled, because all flights are included in these regulations. De este modo, if you have to suffer the inconvenience of a canceled flight at your European airport of origin, You may be able to claim compensation for a canceled flight, the amount of which will range from 125 a los 600 euros depending on the characteristics of the alternative flight that it must offer you, es decir, depending on the kilometers of your flight route and the time difference between the original flight and the one you can finally take.

Things change, Nevertheless, when your origin is not a European airport, Well, you are at your vacation destination.. The only way to be able to comply with European regulations will then be to fly with a European airline.. De esta forma, The claim for canceled flights will be governed by the EC regulation 261 and you can claim the same amounts in the same cases.

Unfortunately, It is not always possible to book flights with European airlines, Well, it will depend a lot on the destination of your vacation.. Air claims will then be governed by the Montreal Convention, to which most of the countries in the world are registered, although this does not have as broad coverage as the European regulation. Por eso, in these cases it may be appropriate to consider the possibility of taking out trip cancellation insurance.

Visas and vaccines

Por último, and to be able to travel completely calm, make sure if you need a special visa to enter the destination country. Although the Spanish passport allows you to travel up to a total of 189 visa-free countries, It's always best to make sure your exotic vacation destination isn't just one of the exceptions..

Finally, Don't forget to check that your vaccination record is up to date and whether the administration of a particular vaccine is necessary to enter the country. (something that may depend on your origin or your previous stays in other countries).

Both visa and vaccination requirements and other information of interest can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.