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The Spanish firm presents the new creations of its men's line, wider and more varied.

I did not know that there were clothes for boys in Dolores Promesas! and you?

Una temporada más, Dolores Promises refocuses part of its collection on the male universe. If in previous collections it already offered a selection of clothes just for them, this autumn – winter has let your imagination fly even more (striped t-shirts and “basic” jumpers, I don't know to what extent they have let it fly) , creating new garments and expanding, así, his proposal for the boys.

Una vez más, Do not forget, por supuesto, of that classic-basic of the firm that are the t-shirts, either short or long sleeve, with effect «overlap», added, with stripes, with the face of Dolores herself, the silhouette of his dog Tula or with those phrases that have already become authentic mottos of the designer, como «guilty of loving you» o «I promise to be faithful to you«.  (I have always loved t-shirts with a message! when you're romantic, ¿Why not dare with one of these?).

next to them, smooth poles and plaid shirts, lumberjack guy, to which is now added the new range of knitwear, among which chubby jackets of lana and buttoning of frogs like that of the duffle coats, marbled turtleneck sweaters or finer cardigans and with certain student air, that remind a little of the ones we wore to go to school. In those traditional nods to the past, so recurrent in the firm's creations, we also found a brown corduroy blazer with tartan elbow patches, al purest style years 70. for the bottom, comfortable and functional chino pants or trousers with pockets, in navy blue, beige or bottle green, that complete that casual look that Dolores Promesas proposes to all the boys for the next winter season.