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You know that I really like music and editorials that evoke the movement, so I had to join this Indie Fashion movement that Natasha Poly shows us for Vogue.

I have always liked indie music, plays in the background as I type, I take it in the mp3, etc.… I have ever gone to a concert and I have seen reflected in these pages of Vogue the movement that many girls have while listening to it: Moda Indie

I don't want to say any specific group, neither any individual rhythm…. just look at these photos and tell me if she doesn't look like a real fan enjoying the music of her favorite indie band to the fullest, with that particular movement… letting himself go slightly but also shaking his head to the touch of the most powerful chords….Moda Indie

Moda Indie

This is an editorial made by photographer Hedi Slimane for the September issue of Russian Vogue, where a very sixties – sentetera (I wouldn't know how to define….) Natasha Poly unleashes her sensual rhythm wearing Prada shoes.

This shows that in a simple way: a flat bottom, suitable lights, an idea and a ¿wig? blonde, impressive editorials can be achieved without absurdities and capable of transmitting the desired style. Something similar happens with the música indie, without great tricks is capable of conquering more than one, because many times simplicity with a good idea can win battles.