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Must have Summer 2012, and after demonstrating that Brazilian bracelets are also a in Winter, Hipanema returns with a cheerful collection and, como siempre, limited edition.

pulseras hipanema

From the beach of Ipanema, cerca de Copacabana, where the creators of Hipanema met, dolls of half the planet!

When Delphine and Jenny, the passionate Parisian moda and Brazil, They decided to join his wit and love of fashion in a collection of bracelets, They not imagine that soon all his creations would circle the world, depleted hundreds of establishments, seizing a retinue of loyal followers and making their way in leading journals, fashion websites and blogs.

pulseras hipanema 2Fans of Brazilian bracelets, but you knowledgeable of their tendency to break, a perder color, and the difficulty to remove them and put them, Delphine and Jenny have reinvented a classic summer, bracelets of colored thread, becoming, unwittingly, responsible in that they adopt the name of its own brand: HIV PANEMA.

Without losing sight of the essence of Brazilian bracelets, Hipanema has achieved in his new collection convey all the energy and spirit of the summer thanks to a perfect combination of colors ranging from soft blue sea, the orange and red sunset, through the bright fluorescent tones, again essential for fashionistas. Thread, strass, beads and shells strung with different techniques, including macrame, in addition to one of the hallmarks of Brazilian identity: strapping them grabadas con la phrase "Remembrance Of The Lord Of Da Bahia Bonfin", whose legend invites three wishes to be fulfilled when the bracelet falls itself.

Designed to prevent the rush do not go without this essential complement, each Hipanema has an innovative magnet closure, with his elaborate process of crafting over 30 horas, make each bracelet is única.Los prices Hipanema new collection ranging from the 39 euros to 89 euros (PVP). Against this background comes to Spain's new collection Hipanema, available in stores more in our country.