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The agent 007 has marked a before and after in menswear becoming a style icon.

Cada 5 October marks the International Day James Bond. Sin duda, the character and its film adaptation has become an icon of dressing well and the importance of moda male. The James Bond style, in which we highlight its versatility and elegance, even when casual, it has become a reference when thinking about men's fashion since the 60.

Through this video with pictures we cross some of the best looks that James Bond has worn, the agent 007, along its various movies. It certainly is a style icon with a license to kill!

Why James Bond Day is celebrated 5 de octubre?

Although Ian Fleming's books in which the character inspired predate (of early 50), was the 5 de octubre de 1962 when the first James Bond film premiered at the cine – «Dr. No» – starring Sean Connery – in London.

That day was marked on the calendar because that's when the legend was created that, founded in books, it opened the way to become a global media phenomenon. James Bond style began to wreak havoc, to this day.

What is the most stylish James Bond?

I have it clear, for me that has had more charisma and style in the history of James Bond Sean Connery has been, He had style even on the beach! (Por cierto, Speaking of beach, You can keep an eye on my article «Look what need to go to the beach and not lose dignity?«)  also he gave off an overwhelming sex appeal. But I want to know your opinion! So here can vote James Bond style has evolved each of the actors. What it was for you the most stylish era secret agent?