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According 'Social pressure for the perfect image ', most respondents felt that there should be a change in the way of addressing women by society

Physical appearance takes place 6 in the ranking of what we are most concerned

En general, women feel more social pressure than men for the need to maintain physical appearance and perfect image. It is included in the study "Social pressure for the perfect image" prepared for Campofrio by the independent market research company Group 1 Investigation, in order to know to what extent women feel pressured to get the perfect image, central argument of his next campaign Feeding another woman model.

Belén Rueda, Ana Pastor o Tamara Rojo, between physical ideal woman. Women brought to the actress Belén Rueda, presenter Ana Pastor or the dancer Tamara Rojo, with character and personality- among his favorite as a physical ideal of beauty, while men prefer Elsa Pataky or Sara Carbonero. By age, It highlights the overvaluation of Paz Vega among young -of 18 a 34 años- and Anne Igartiburu among adults 35 a 50 años.

Study results reveal that most respondents are quite satisfied with the physical aspect -the 49% de las mujeres y el 45% of the men-, but what, to be handsome, You have to sacrifice; de hecho 6 decade 10 women think so. Also worth noting that a significant 20% women expressed little or nothing to be satisfied with their physical appearance, while a 43% men pointed indifference to this aspect. By age, the most satisfied with their physique are young.  Además, according to the study, Spaniards have not abandoned the topic of machismo. Men and women agree that man is still more macho than women.

As for the social pressure we feel for having to maintain a physical appearance and perfect outward appearance, The survey reveals that society in general is responsible for this pressure, followed by advertising especially for adults 35-50 years-, brands moda especially for young people 18 a 34 years-, women's magazines and cosmetics brands-. As a curiosity, most respondents felt that there should be a change in the way of addressing women from different social sectors.

Despite the social pressure to get the perfect image, The study reveals that the family, first, along with work and health are the three vital pillars that more care, both women and men. De hecho, physical appearance takes place 6 ranking, behind the money or love. by age, -of young 18 a 34 años- They emphasize work as the aspect that currently most concerned about, but it is also the group that gives greater relevance to social life. 

Campofrio a pioneering initiative in the newspaper "Marca" change history for a day.  In parallel with the findings of this study, has been a pioneer and revolutionary initiative that will act as a lever against a society that cares more about the appearance and image in place that enjoyment and happiness. It has sought the involvement of male daily par excellence, Marca, to give "a twist to the story" for the first time that women take revenge.

And is that today, initiative of Campofrio, Mark comes to light with an original cover that will not go unnoticed, transferring the pressure exerted on women usually men. If you get into the skin of a woman it is what it is, headlines like Buttocks: Sagging Out '!! o Shorter Shorts. Dare yourself, no seas nenaza! will cause confusion and laughter alike. Además, Not to miss pecking recipes to attend a day of Champions o decorating tips to see a football game with friends. Not to mention the back, which will host such interesting topics as Ponte canyon 21 días o la Reader's letter complaining about the lack of glamor in football. What do men think of all this? Will they be able to feel the pressure that women receive daily?

And that's not all, because within a few days there will be an application available in the community apañadas Women in Facebook ( where you can make your own cover intervened Brand "magazine to women" and we talk on Twitter hashtag #MarcaHechoPorMujeres (