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Cassey Jewelry, a brand of Jewelery that blends perfectly design, materials, Creativity and Trends.

«¿Do you think that a jewel can have its own soul?? The jewels have ceased to be a complement moda to become part of oneself only making you feel«; and the signature is defined Cassey Jewelry.

This brand was born in Valencia in the hands of two friends They decided to risk its own project to create Jewelery After more than ten years of experience in the sector. Being independent allows you to explore them, not only shapes and designs, but also materials and proposals to build a brand that fits trends; but without forgetting the quality and personal service.

Cassey Jewelry

They have catalog for both men and women and even jewelry for both(You can find out more on their website www.cassey.es). They use silver, steel, imitation jewelry, combining them with skin, Austrian crystal or zircons get pieces for «make you feel unique / or«, as they explain.

We cassey believe in differentiation to achieve success, focusing on the details and offering a personalized service, thereby strengthening the qualities of a young brand, modern and always in forefront.

I already I received some of his pieces I've looked in my social networks. Por ejemplo, pendant with that go on and cover photo here becomes the head or upper photo, that it makes me go directly to the American west and I love. Also said leather and silver bracelet (do not say I have not gotten a few taps become a great cowboy. If you are curious, the shirt is Fyord). Or you can see below a silver bracelet with screws design I love its simplicity.

Cassey Jewelry