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zapatos gánster

And I say that because I am very close, voilá, I've got shoes. I know that in the movie “Strangers on the Train” (Hitchcock, 1951), audiovisual language tells us that evil is the black and white shoes and the good of the bright monochrome shoes. Vale. Me da igual. I'm bad, Very bad. Gentlemen designers and producers of clothing and footwear: Look at my shoes and my bad temper detected.

Anyway, I'm happy because I fulfill each and every one of my dreams. A mi ritmo, slowly and leisurely. I recently took out a protocol that was the closest thing to steal a box (one of my dreams). And these shoes recently met in my life, so also I am very close to becoming a gangster, of those with class, how much pasta and not, white suit jacket with tie, hat tilted, wavy bangs. Vale, and red lips, although this will have to work hard.

My shoes have only an issue that has little to do with them. And it is the size: un 42,5. More or less the feet of Krusty, They think you. Pues… bueno… The fact is that I also have shoes 41, even some of 40; and once I bought, in the company of the Lord of the Gafas yellow, about the 43 (Fourth Millennium proposal). The world becomes bleak sizes, dark, leaden and some fog begins to play the ##@@# @… .

But is that, if I'm thinking, also I have a pair of size 42, the other 44, any of the 46 and about the size of trekking 52. En definitiva, que the same day I can measure 70 cm circumference, 90 And till 115. And here, I start to put in a bad mood.

  • «Hola, I came to buy some pants.
  • ¿Wich size?
  • Well I do not know, among the 42 and 52″.

I laughed with some who see aliens and said they were between 0 y 4 metros.

  • «Hola, ¿Can you look at the size of those shoes??
  • Sí, ¿What number?
  • For the 41 al 44, if you are kind.
  • No, we just have to 41″.

Waiting, I'm getting a wafer… Eso sí, from respect, eh…

If I get the gun, I wear shoes and gangster I hit a shot to make the small sizing and since I get to not unify criteria. Eso sí, before I leave the head of a horse as a gift for when they go to sleep, if you encounter one of the size of the bed