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This typical Indonesian costume has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2009.

The Indonesian Embassy in cooperation with the Iwan Tirta Foundation, Iwan Tirta Private Collections y Rumah Budaya Nusantara «Puspo Budoyo», presented on Sunday in the Sala Tallers of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) a show that showed a parade of moda batik and a set of dance and music performances indonesia.

El batik, Indonesian traditional costume, It has great cultural value and is well known in the world of fashion.. Durante siglos, artisans in Java have worked the batiks reflecting the culture and faith of their people in a variety of colors and details.

The designs that were presented in the parade were from the famous designer Iwan Tirta (1935 ‐ 2010), leading figure in modern Indonesian batik art. He popularized layering gold for a luxurious look and all of his designs are contemporary in style with traditional elements.. His loyal fan base includes Indonesian high society both domestically and internationally., to politicians like Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan o Nelson Mandela, and royal highnesses such as Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Sofia, or Queen Juliana I of the Netherlands.

The dance and music performances were starred by Puspo Budoyo, an uninspired group
whose mission is to maintain the traditional heritage of Indonesian ancestors and
popularize it in modern society.

The event was attended by the Indonesian Ambassador to Spain, Adiyatwidi Adiwoso and others
authorities of the Asian country, as well as representatives and personalities from the world of
policy, the company, la moda, the communication, culture and the “Barcelona socialite” (How little I like that word).

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