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From the first time I saw, I knew this girl was petarlo. With its languor, its pasotismo, the grunge attitude and that disgust was voted best dressed in the world!

Kristen Stewart mejor vestida (2)

She sure all this sweat you'll quickly parrus, but I never ceases to amaze and rejoice that someone as "anti-fashion" as Kristen Stewart no longer receive "awards" for their style. According to Glamor magazine, Kristen has been chosen by the costumes he wore in Coachella. Readers have voted their style "simple rocker" , and also for its spectacular dresses but simple.

Kristen herself has confessed: "When I leave home, I wear a T-shirt and any hair and dirty people wonder what is happening to me, certainly think: 'You could try to invest in a comb' '.

Kristen Stewart mejor vestida (1)

This choice I find it very curious, because although I love her, Kristen is the second in the voting of the actresses most hated (after Gwyneth Paltrow). This demonstrates that You can be hated and style icon while, Or so it seems. I argue in favor of Kristen, I think very capable of dazzling on the red carpet and then placed Converse and exit gracefully. It does not have to be divine and bubbly always! but when it must be, is the best! Por eso, I love to repeat that of Kristen Stewart, the best dressed of the world.

Fuente: The Economist