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Guess by Marciano Fall Winter  2010.11 10

If some time you communicated what I liked the announcement of Guess by Marciano now I can not stop bringing you the full images of the campaign Guess by Marciano, where an incredible Heide Lindgren it becomes a diva fifties to the Marilyn Monroe style to encourage soldiers.
GuessbyMarcianoFallWinter20101101 GuessbyMarcianoFallWinter20101102
As I said, the images are made by French photographer Alix Malka and correspond to this winter 2010. The male companion is the Brazilian model Evandro Soldati.
GuessbyMarcianoFallWinter20101103 GuessbyMarcianoFallWinter20101105 GuessbyMarcianoFallWinter20101106
GuessbyMarcianoFallWinter20101107 GuessbyMarcianoFallWinter20101109
The truth is that I've loved all pics, as it happened with Guess campaign (without Marciano) as they continue bringing back most glamorous fifties but adapted to this 2010. A the same as in the other case, a blonde and a brunette monopolize the role but this time covered in an aura of glamor and flashes what makes them the undisputed stars of the ship Marciano, let's say la versión “madurade las jóvenes Guess no tiene nada que envidiarle.
GuessbyMarcianoFallWinter20101104 GuessbyMarcianoFallWinter20101111