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Susana Lirola lo tiene claro, essentially in fine fabrics designs they are always, good sewing, simplicity and functionality in design. This creative with firm based in Almeria and is specialized in the creation and production of garments for ceremony and party y apuesta siempre por la elegancia en el vestir inspiradas en emblemas como el cine… Ella misma nos explica…

Susana-Lirola (9) – Who are you and why are you here? ;-) By way of introduction.

I am Susana Lirola and could not live without music, sin cine y sobre todo sin MODA.

-How did your passion for fashion and how you decide to dedicate yourself to it?

My passion for fashion is born for movies, exciting world where I discovered the importance of clothing and how each character has a certain look without words describing a particular personality.

– What do you like most and least fashionable of creation?

What I like most is the way ... I mean since the idea came up that ends in a unique creation. And what I like least is the multiplication of that creation, I think the repetitions should be outside designers and take care of these other companies.


– What are your reference designers in Spain? E International?

Actually I admire most collections designers specifically, I think even the best ever screws up in any of his collections. Throughout the history of fashion is no big names in classic reference, but they call me more attention to those who risked his time and somehow revolutionized the society of that time, I would have to move to these days to see the reality of innovation.

– At the market level, How do you assess the current Spanish fashion? And at international level?

It is very important that today the MADE IN SPAIN a great publicity stunt, quality assurance and a marketing strategy for the Spanish artists who produce our collections entirely in Spain

Susana-Lirola (10)

– Fashion platforms like Andalusia, or contests and samples of novel and emerging designers… What pose in the careers of designers today?

Is a great effort for them to make their collections and a great incentive for the public attending presentations, since they are much more bold and daring designers with a great career.

– Tell us how the concept of your latest collection and the idea emerges

Surge casualmente de un book de Leonardo da Vinci que cayó en mis manos que me sugirió un proyecto de investigación sobre la obra del arquitecto Wright.

What are you cooking? ¿We anticipate some projects or plans in the short or medium term.

Inaugurated soon in February 2012 un nuevo espacio en la avenida principal de Almería donde tendrá cabida todo lo que tenga que ver como expresión artística relacionada con la moda, música, video, fotografía, escultura, pintura … y productos diseñados como únicos como zapatos, tocados, vestidos, novias… Sera un lugar de encuentro de creadores donde tendrán un espacio para exponer sus creaciones conjugado con la elaboración de costura a medida que llevo haciendo desde mis comienzos en el año 1994.

Fotografías: Chema Soler. Andalucía de Moda 2011.