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EL IGLÜ: Tacky Valentine Gifts.

When the Lord of the Yellow Glasses invited me to participate in his blog, I admit that everything seemed eclectic…

Mercedes Barrutia

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I said yes, without hesitation and with great enthusiasm. But suddenly I got a little worried to wonder what I could bring -journalist antitele, uncommercial, antifashion, disheveled, unable to put a name to the face of a celebriti without any resort to be'm like- in this environment. "Then, all that, be yourself!”, I replied without even asking Chief.

And what a coincidence. Yesterday me comes a journalistic and invitation today, another sea of ​​tacky: Gift suggestions in Valentine. Taking, gumdrops. These are some dancers (another concept that I learned not long ago, as you can imagine) red passion, claro. So intense bright red blush directly proportional to the receiving means. With a classic gold brooch or hearts.

Vale. The first, I doubt that made the 42, and thank goodness; the second, I doubt that someone who appears to take that value and not the gift you are wearing it instead of it. There is a hint to my husband, thank goodness we're on the same line, but for marketing experts and those who want to have time descambiarlas…

Y ahora, than? I wonder arrival at this point. If I learned recently that a suit was a mole polka! "Really?”. Bueno, because we know more than when we started (eso sí, I keep saying moles). Así que, I am not clear to itself that you have to welcome you to my igloo or me to this space. As a free review, I will write what my heart dictates, sin need to believe in Cupid or limited edition dancers excess of love. The fact is that here I am, overcoming fear to blank page with yellow ink.