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The company facilitates the search for the ideal gift based on personality, the hobbies of the person to be given and the available budget. A great plan to help with gifts.

Desde november 2020, date it started operating, Regality makes available to those who are not sure what to give the The first algorithm on the market that helps find gifts based on a person's profile. It is a proprietary and exclusive technology, based artificial intelligence, and what behaved more than two years of research and development. In this little more than a year of life, Regality has helped find, buy and deliver on the chosen day about 170.000 regalos. A great site to help with gifts.

help with gifts

Find the ideal gift in 5 easy steps

Giving and getting it right is easier than ever thanks to Regality. It is enough to fill out a questionnaire that consists of only 5 steps and in which he asks about the age, gender, relationship with the person to give, reason for the gift, personality and interests. Based on the answers obtained, Regality's algorithm works its magic and performs a selection of possible presents in less than a minute.

The selection of potential gifts is made on the basis of 1.000 references of products belonging to más de a hundred brands. You can find items from major brands, como Adidas, Culinary o Muji, but also from other local startups, como Waynabox, Afull o Colvin. Por otro lado, The company has also reached agreements with distribution chains such as FNAC or El Corte Inglés.

Regality operates throughout the national territory. It has a service same day deliveries, available in big cities, and another of deliveries planned so that the gift arrives on the desired day and is delivered directly to the person to be given, if so desired. Para ello, the startup has agreements with the main courier companies in the country.

Beyond special dates, like the one just finished Christmas campaign, Valentine's Day or the father's days y of the mother, Regality stands as the ideal solution for birthdays and others special occasions. With the aim of helping the most clueless gift givers not to forget any of these celebrations, the company has created a calendar where birthdays can be scheduled, wedding anniversaries or all those celebrations that are desired.

Regality also offers the option to create wish lists, widely used in weddings, baptisms, communions or other celebrations. ¡With one of these lists, yes it is impossible to fail! Por otro lado, the startup also puts order among the gifts of amigos invisibles, with a solution that allows the organization of this type of regalos group and help with gifts.

help with gifts

Sobre Regality: From Argentina to Barcelona

Detrás de Regality there are three Argentine entrepreneurs: Martin Lela, Nicholas Arias y tadeo garcia. Tired of his friends repeatedly asking him for help choosing gifts, Martin Lela, CEO and Co-Founder of Regality, decided to look for "a direct solution to find a gift tailored to who is going to receive it". for his surprise, he did not find it and he got down to work to create it himself. For the development of said solution, Lela trusted Arias, information technology expert. García, por su parte, joined the business project providing knowledge in marketing and business management.

The platform to help with gifts was originally born in Argentina, but the entrepreneurs decided move the company to Spain for "the greatest opportunities presented by the European market” and for the "facilities offered by the important entrepreneurial ecosystem existing in the country", in Lela's words.