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A new Coffee Shop & Bar "très chic" style of vintage London opens its doors in the heart of Madrid.


Open on Christmas day 2012, Mür Café brings to the capital of Spain a new concept Coffee Bar already established in London for years with great success. Un proyecto que nace de los recuerdos de múltiples travel, cities, flavors and scents, with a clear European influence and care for detail, for people looking for a different place to be at any time quietly with friends or working with laptop.

Designed for comfort, different tastes and privacy of all who visit, Mür Café offers two distinct among both the aesthetic and the functional plants, decafés all kinds, tees, infusions, handmade cakes and cocktails among many other options, as products for vegetarians and sensitivity "dogfriendly" that very few local permit today, with an audience mainly young and urban.
A unique place, exclusivo, delicate and close, where to have a cafés accompanied by a homemade cake, it becomes more. As these, two types of coffee beans are treated: 100% natural and 100% Arabica (totally organic, from Colombia, Etiopía, etc…), so there is a variety that ranges from fruity and smooth the other with a robust part of making it more bitter and intense (to emphasize that only work with fresh milk and soy milk). Por cierto, its grain decaffeinated Colombia is simply spectacular and recommended, all served with a Swiss chocolate, and in the case of teas, with Scottish butter cookie in (with or without chocolate chips).

If we talk about infusions, find up 20 variedades, assessing between tees, the black Pakistani, the fruit cocktail, the flower chamomile, baked apple and cinnamon, white with strawberries, Japanese green or roasted rice and corn.

Por supuesto, all cakes They are handmade and made with quality products, It is the cheese with oreos and caramel, authentic specialty, without detracting from the classic carrot and walnuts (amazing texture and flavor) Russian apple or soft cream and sour cream.
For the night, more conducive to the cocktails, along with the high demand Southside or Gin Fizz apple (or other fruit, Geneva-based), the main novelty is what might be called "molecular mixology": cócteles con espuma de nata de mojito que proporcionan una nueva experience gustativa (mojitos 2.0) such as Black Cosmo, Cosmopolitan foam based black cranberry vodka or if you prefer non-alcoholic, their mocktails type Forest Paradise, with up to six different fruit juices (menta, lima, naranja, red fruit or peppermint etc.).

As for the beers, are all Ale, with up to twelve classes between craft and fruity, to enjoy while listening to the classic jazz if not late, and the latest from the night, a little lounge.


Gourmet & Delicatessen Corner

On the ground floor, corner intended for sale of exclusive and hard to find products in many other specialty stores, such as powdered chocolates with different flavors such as chili, banoffee, lima, naranja o creme brulee, con un 70% of black chocolate, up cookies and candies "Fudge" butter (Scottish and English, respectivamente), sweet treats like jelly beans of various flavors and marshmallows, Americans tend to take chocolate or mocha roasted or take them directly.

Their jams, You can buy or try the spot, two classes: English a more intense flavor with berries, lemon curd, Seville oranges or blueberries, and other Sierra de Granada fully home, blackberry, raspberries, green or orange figs.