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Zaha Hadid y Rem D. Koolhaas presented the amazing shoes NOVA. A limited edition collaboration presented last July at the flagship store The scout from Paris.


And for years that Zaha Hadid and Rem D. Koolhaas had talked about working together. Hadid, Anglo-Iraqi architect with a passion for shoes, y Rem D. Koolhaas, creative director of United Nude, quickly they agreed on the creating a shoe without commercial claims, eliminating rules footwear to create a completely new shoe shape.


NOVA model design incorporates a series of grooves in its structure in four well defined sections, setting direct formal relation to the primary structure of a shoe, and representing the different dynamic forces involved in the action of step. The revolutionary design of the shoe NOVA is a clear synthesis of materialization, ergonomics and dynamism.

«United Nude collections are provocative and sensual. Constant experimentation Rem D. Koolhaas in innovation moda it never fails«, afirma Hadid. «I have always appreciated those who dare to experiment with new materials and proportions. Our collaboration reinterprets the classic type of shoes, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in shoemaking without compromising the structure«.


Hadid's architectural language, sinuous curves and impossible shapes, It has been captured perfectly for convey the sense of movement. At each stage of the creation of the shoe, both during the design and construction, It has experienced defying preconceived formal limits calzado.Gracias for their 30 years of experience working with complex structures, Hadid has developed an innovative weight distribution, allowing the heel, located 16 off the ground, appears to be floating.

«Zaha constantly reinventing their own ideas and interpretations«, comenta Koolhaas. «His visionary creations are unexpected. I could not resist the challenge of working with Zaha. We allow the greatest degree of experimentation and use the latest in digital design and manufacturing technology to create one of the most innovative ever produced shoes«.

Engineering and design have been combined in the manufacture of this shoe, for which it has had to invent all a new way of making shoes, combining techniques such as injection molding and rotation, casting or vacuum. De hecho, NOVA is the the first shoe history using rotational molding, where metals are used in the cooling process that are rotated by a perpendicular axis, which it makes it possible to manufacture this model, smooth and seamless.


The outside of the shoe is made of metallic chrome vinyl striped, lined inside with high quality Italian leather. The platform and the heel are made of fiberglass and rubber sole is. NOVA model It will be available from size 35 a la 40, in limited editions 100 for each color, in selected outlets such as The scout in Paris, and the webshops of United Nude and Zaha Hadid Design. (1.500€)