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What does this cock is? Can there be anything more Grenadian including the expression "cock"? That philosophy comes this brand of shirts makes our "friend" protagonist of your message.

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What can happen when three designers discuss the lexical richness of Andalusian?. LaPolla born in mid- 2012 in the city of Granada. Its creators are three young entrepreneurs based in that city. (one Granada and two jienenses) The challenge arises they are illustrate the many phrases used with the term "cock" – a term widely used in Granada – and that people do not perceive obscene or aggressive manner.

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Cocks in vinegar and soy cock

Choose to make of humor, sympathy and puns their hallmark, and from this principle the entire brand is created. The first step was to create quotations illustrating shirts. We must change the imagination when people have "cock" in the mouth ... Ups, go! If you're not Grenadian do not take this the wrong way!!

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The actress Dafne Fernandez LaPolla shirt

And they are becoming a celebrity in town (y worldwide) and that's it They have been interviewed in IDEAL and all. The best thing is that They want to be an active community around your project, you can bring them thoughts, plantearles challenges and actively engage with them. Como no podía ser de otra manera, They are not only fun, but also participatory!

camisetas lapolla (2)

You know that I love to support entrepreneurs, ideas or innovative designs and new artists, so it could not be otherwise with these Grenadian friends. What cocks attack!

In this video you can learn, in the words of Carlos Quesada and among many laughs, as he was born, the business and how this focus.

¡Por cierto, my full support to LaPolla is the mascot of Granada!