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Lentes Transitions, They change so you do not have to change anything” With that slogan we discover one of the most interesting advances in visual health.

Una glasses to conquer them all, could summarize the legend… It doesn't matter if it's daytime, at night, with glorious sunshine or cloudy. the same mount – that you stay feten – and lenses prepared for EVERYTHING. Si, I speak lenses Transitions, which as its slogan indicates change to fit you.

Are treated crystals are clear and dark indoors outdoors; change transparency as go in and out to suit the needs of your eye protection. thus protecting your vision and also providing comfort in your day by having only a supplement which serves you for all. To get them you can ask for it in any optical.

¿What are its benefits? Transitions lenses darken for comfort. They are a smart alternative to conventional lenses but be careful as not replace traditional sunglasses. Por ejemplo: Go out of home, they darken, blocking 100% UVA and UVB rays (of the sun). You walk into your office, rinsed, filtering a 20% light blue (80% outdoors).

lentes transitions gafas oscurecer

found the lenses with three different shades to darken. Brown lens gets higher absorption of light purple and blue and better contrast. Gray lens reduces light intensity keeping the color of images, offering a neutralization of the light to see colors more realistic and green lens offers a more natural vision and better contrast. They adapt to all frames and, además, Transitions lenses can live together with all graduations, monofocal and progressive. ¡So you can find your perfect glasses, adapt your visual need and forget about everything else!

My experience with Transitions lenses

I'm honestly very surprised. ¿How did it take me so long to enjoy them?? Those who follow this blog – and to those of you who arrive new I tell you – the sun usually bothers me a lot and I never go out without sunglasses. As I have very little graduation, I do not graduate them, so there are times when my vision has to suffer… either being bothered by the sun or missing some details of the reality that surrounds me. Problem solved with Transitions, I have the glass that darkens gray.

Aunque lenses do not replace sunglasses, if that help keep eyes calm.  You put them in the morning and until you sleep are doing their function and adapting to the brightness. Además, in my case, I have chosen a transparent frame able to look good both dark and transparent crystals that fits me most of my outfits, so I do not I take almost never. Surely you remember them in older people… And I wonder ¿Why this innovation has gone unnoticed all these years? The truth is that I do not now remove almost never as you can see in this Experiencias Gafas Amarillas: 90 Madrid degrees.

lentes transitions gafas amarillas (2) lentes transitions gafas amarillas (1)

Perhaps the only detail is that they take a couple of seconds to darken when you go outside – Let's see, It is normal, what is science, not magic – but i have a trick to make up for it:  Those moments walk looking down and ready. Eso sí, to drive even if not darken bright, as they are activated with ultraviolet rays (Transitions Signature). In case you want to use them to drive for long periods, I recommend Transitions model in Xtract, that is active both with ultraviolet rays as visible light, so the lens is too dark in the car.

I recommend this type of lens Transitios especially for people who do not want to worry the change of glasses and also for those who are visually impaired or pain derived from them, por ejemplo, migraines; since having always controlled light reaching the eye strain and stress caused by the sun greatly relieved.

¿It is fashionable to wear glasses?

To end, note that Transitions and aufeminin have developed the international study called “¿Wearing glasses is moda?”. To know the opinion of 5112 people between 25 y 49 years on the act of using glasses, since these have gone from being an element of visual correction to become a trend in itself.

El 54% of Spaniards 20 a 35 years wearing glasses, a figure above the other European countries surveyed. Although the visual disturbances are the main cause for changing glasses across Europe, un 21% Spanish are encouraged to change theirs for the mere pleasure of having another model, a figure that is above the European average.

lentes transitions gafas amarillas (4)

Sunglasses have been for many years an accessory, in addition to taking care of the view, it provides that final touch to the styling. Sin embargo, today it is more common proudly wear clear glasses to correct vision problems. El 98% Spanish respondents do not feel embarrassed when displaying them in public, but it is an accessory to consider and to look throughout the day.

¿you knew them? ¿What do you think of these Transitions lenses??