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Estilo Diario: Go to Espor

Do you know what it is to go for? I go often! You know that I am nothing to do sports, the fit blogger concept is far from me as the minimalism of the Pantoja, that is why the tracksuit concept - no matter how fun Vetements or Jeremy Scott proposes it or how much with a heel it takes off…

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Campaign, Sport

"Smile, this is sport », nueva campaña de Le Coq Sportif

Con un lema original y fresco, la firma gala vuelve a sus orígenes y ensalza los valores que nos aporta el deporte, como la amistad, la emoción y la diversión, mucha diversión. Le coq sportif sigue apostando por el deporte en su nueva campaña «Sonríe, esto es deporte”. And is that sport is, sin duda, el mejor método para

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Sport, Zapatillas

I want: Nike Google

Sí, as you hear, the company has released Nike sneakers inspired by the search. It is a line design with references to technological elements as seekers (Google), Browsers (Firefox) or even social networks (Twitter) This shows that it is increasingly fashionable web, literally, the use of nuevastecnologías. If now independent designers, bloggers, photographers,…

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