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With Madrubb, latex takes to the streets in dresses, skirts, chaquetas, tops, camisas….

Surely Anna Dello Russo thought all this when she donned that latex dress for the last video of her collaboration with H&M, that you already know that I love (clicking here you can see the video and my opinion).

Madrubb es una marca de moda de vanguardia totalmente diferente a todo lo del el mercado. The originality of their proposals is based on the material used for all his creations: THE LATEX, material with which Madrubb break the clichés associated with this fabric offering garments that can be used on the most diverse occasions.


I like the idea although I still see a certain dominatrix touch, maybe it's that I have a feverish mind, or that the graphic image and others do not suggest delicacy.

Con Madrubb latex goes out in dresses, skirts, chaquetas, tops, camisas…., in proposals that can fit in looks as different as a casual-chic, a fancy party, a glamorous event, or even a wedding. Without forgetting the mythical lingerie garments, essential for more playful and daring moments.

Madrubb dismantles all the preconceived ideas that we could have about the use of latex: we can find garments in many more colors than red or black. Se puede use by all types of people and in any size, ya que es un tejido con una gran capacidad de adaptación al cuerpo y con la facultad de esculpir y remodelar la figura….

About Madrubb (Madrid Latex) It is a brand 100% “made in Spain”, emerged in the year 2010. The only Spanish firm that works and uses the best quality latex in a totally professional manner., en una búsqueda constante de mejoras en los procesos de fabricación y el acabado de las prendas. Madrubb se caracteriza por un servicio personalizado diseñando modelos exclusivos a medida, adapting to the preferences and needs of each client.