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The global online sales firm agrees to reevaluate, convert and reduce their use of plastic in packaging and shipping of their products.

ASOS, one of the world's leading distributors moda online, announced today that it has become one of the signatories of the Global Commitment by the New Economics of Plastics led by Fundación Ellen MacArthur, a global initiative that brings together more than 400 businesses and governments around a positive vision of a plastic circular economy, in which it never becomes waste or pollution. reducing the plastic and intended on selling fashion online.

Signatories commit to three objectives to realize this vision: remove all plastic articles problematic and unnecessary; innovate to ensure that we do not need plastic reusable, recyclable or compostable; and circulate all articles of plastics we use to keep them within the economy and the environment outside.

As the leading distributor of online fashion sign the pledge, ASOS se ha fijado una serie de ambiciosos compromisos respecto a los embalajes de plástico y reducción del plástico en la venta de moda online y conseguir más fashion conscious.

These commitments continue the work ASOS it has already done in their plastic bags shipping, that are 100% recyclable and are made in one 25% recycled material, with the aim that this percentage becomes of the 65% en 2020.

The four commitments are:

  • Act to that 2025 We have eliminated or plastic packaging unnecessary problematiccon el objetivo de que para 2025 It has been eliminated 50% packaging of own brands of ASOS, taking 2018 como base.
  • Act so that 2025 models have passed from single use to reuse models where appropriate. A reusable packaging test start in 2020, testing a prototype customized bag shipments ASOS has been developing over the last year.
  • Act so that to 2025 el 100% of the packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostableaunque el embalaje de ASOS en principio ya es 100% recyclable, the brand will work to ensure it 100% recyclable «in practice», taking into account the constraints of local recycling infrastructures.
  • Act so that 2025 el 100% of the content used in packing plastic recycling or renewable, It is made to the least 30% of the same post-consumer waste. ASOS will work to further encourage consumers to return the packaging to the company, so that it can be recycled into new ASOS packaging through a system introduced this year to «close the circle» in the packaging process, thus achieving a reduction in plastic in the sale of online fashion.
  • Along with these four commitments, ASOS has promised to adopt shared leadership approach within the field of e-commerce, in order to promote best practices in the industry, and transmit knowledge acquired its partners ASOS brand.

Simon Platt, Responsible Sourcing Director ASOS, dijo: "We have worked hard to reduce the use of plastic throughout ASOS, including investment in developing our own bags for shipping, which contain a 65% recyclable material in the new year and are already 100% reciclables. No obstante, we can still do more, which it is why we signed the Global Commitment by the New Economics of plastics Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

This formalizes our commitment to reducing plastic in selling fashion online, through measures such as increasing the amount of ASOS bags used to recycle in new packaging and the introduction of a test reusable packaging in the first months of 2020″.

Sander Defruyt, Director of the Initiative on the New Economy Plastics Ellen MacArthur Foundation, dijo: “Global Commitment to New Economy joins Plastics companies, Governments and other actors around a clear vision of a plastic circular economy. We are pleased that ASOS is joining us by setting specific targets for 2025. Our vision contemplates a world where plastic never becomes waste or pollution. It will be a trip full of challenges, but doing so together we can eliminate plastic we do not need and innovate, for plastics that do need to be circulated to safely and easilymanteniéndolos dentro de la economía y fuera del medio ambiente».

ASOS is also involved in the initiative Make Fashion Circular Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a collaboration between industry leaders to create a textile economy that ultimately benefit companies, society and the environment.