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Before anything, put on the table what Dermatology per se, sometimes we are so used to hearing a term not stop at its true meaning. Dermatology mission study the structure and functions of the skin, disorders that affect it and its prevention.

Your specialist dermatologist a.k.a handles treat disorders and skin diseases, el pelo, nails and mucous membranes ¡Yes friends! ¡All that! Your job is to find and provide the best treatment these different body parts in each case. So it's easy to find 5 reasons to go to the dermatologist if you are male.

¿medicine or aesthetics? ¡Both!

Due to the broad spectrum of care of this branch of medicine, there may be a large number of dermatological diseases, both originating in the skin such as those derived from other systems that cause manifestations thereof. So dermatology is much more than “look moles”. This discipline is essential to obtain a rigorous and effective diagnosis that can affect some of the most sensitive areas. – physically and aesthetically – of our body. ¡Let us remember that these areas that we are commenting on are the most visible of the body!

5 reasons to go to the dermatologist if you are male

Although aesthetic care has traditionally been associated with female sex, and we spent many years showing that there has been a change of concept, interest and especially knowledge of the benefits of caring by men. La male beauty It has increasingly prominent role, y este “change in the canons of male perfection” has made many men go to the dermatologist not only for serious skin-related conditions, but also looking for some kind of cosmetic procedure. ¡That we all become obsessed with something and stay to see each other a little better! ¿TRUE?

5 reasons to go a dermatologist if you are male

We count on clínica dermatology Dermatology Dexeus each It is increasingly common to see men in the dermatologist, both medical procedures and aesthetic.

 Improve your hair – A dermatologist for men is able to deal professionally the hair loss or hair sleazy. The consultations usually carried out a diagnosis of hair problem, going through a subsequent valuation and adequacy of treatment, which can become operative, doctor or aesthetic. For example, dandruff if it is prolonged or “aggressive” also can be treated by dermatologist.

Take care of allergies – Skin allergies can manifest itself in many forms and are also of consultation. Male dermatology offers studies that explore the causes and get beneficial treatments that manage to relieve symptoms and prevent future outbreaks. ¡Sometimes we think that allergies only affect the interior of the body and may be damaging our skin in a very serious way.!

Control and monitor stains – The spots on the skin is another reason why you should go to a dermatologist and one of the reasons most urgent need of treatment of male dermatology. Men also have to get used to being aware of our skin and see if it undergoes changes or alterations… It could be considered the birth of a mole, a focus caused by prolonged sun exposure without the necessary protection or, In more severe cases, the first sign of a much more important condition. ¡Be that as it may, it never hurts to get an assessment from a dermatologist and stay calm, ¿no?

Or a concession with acne – The onset of acne during puberty or at a later time leads to dermatology for men become a necessity, especially if the case is prolonged in time or is accused of gravity. It is certainly one of the cases involved more aesthetic difficulties and undoubtedly requires specialist visit. It is important to have good guidance and direction to follow timely treatment because it is a subject on which there are still many myths created by ignorance. ¡Don't get caught! 

trafficking and provides for sexually transmitted diseases – Other reasons to go to the dermatologist if because you are a man is also directed to the treatment of infections sexually transmitted, addition to skin diseases in the male genital area. Fungal infections, viruses and bacteria need assessment a dermatologist to find out the cause and get appropriate treatment short term. As you have the slightest doubt or upset, a visit to specialist reduce the risk of reinfection and also reduces the danger of infecting people around us.

5 reasons to go to the dermatologist if you are male

an extra help…

As an issue and often follow major character we can resort to go to private dermatology clinics that will help us when squaring times and keep our most current dermatologic history. Today there is a large number of specialists Private dermatologia in Barcelona, Madrid or in any Spanish city. Private dermatology offers a complete catalog of benefits and diagnostic and therapeutic treatments with which to discover the origin of the disease and prevent, in each case, the appearance of possible conditions, coming to look healthy skin from his care and attention. ¡So if we have any of the aforementioned conditions, they can help us enormously.!

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