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So it has been the experience of getting my custom hat thanks to friends Click Bon Bon Genre!

The Web Right Click Good Kind It is a specialized space on the world of hats and all their accessories. Con 10 years of experience as hatters, In addition to buying ready-made models, now allow quickly and easily create your custom hat.

His workshops are in France, close to Lyon and from there exported to the world its good craftsmanship. And they are quite fast! The order is delivered 3 a 7 business days. Free shipping for orders over 70 € (Spain and U.Europa)

Personalized Hat

What goes through my head with hats…

When I received the email offering the proposal had doubts. Although I look very pretty, I do not wear hats ground, caps or head elements! Not because I look bad, ni mucho menos, but because I can not get used to supplements especially facing them in mind and keep track of all the time you're wearing. I lost over 1 and more of 10 bufandas, gloves or things like that in my life, Imagine a hat!

But when I saw the customization options and ease to do so said, This is your chance Manuel! When are you going to be able to have your, sino, a hat exactly as you want? So I jumped at it and the truth is that I am very happy.

How is the process to get a customized hat at BCBG?

A talking to customize a hat could pass two things: una, they were trying verderme the bike and just adding a chorradita to an already premade or just the reverse model, it became something so complicated that almost was like doing a puzzle 1000 piezas.

But Bon Bon Genre Click surprised me as, While it is true that the basic shoe trees are delimited (like is logic), customization is quite detailed but can very easily make.

After choosing the base model, You can decide the material, the color, the shape and tone of the film that covers the head and, if you want, add a small lateral detail the same. Combining these options can create the most original hat to classic. Already the varieties are endless!

Personalized Hat

Yo, have him thinking wardrobe and something iconic, I decided to go for classic and chose black, felt, Hang a little wider and a little detail of brown feathers on the side. The BCBG have called MON TRAVELER TEARDROP- NOIR.

And the pictures I see luciéndolo, combined with my long black wool coat and black leather boots GuidoMaggi  (Here I made a Full review on them), thus achieving a bohemian look but with urban touches.

Fotografías: Alba Asenjo / Edition: Manuel J. Romero.