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Traveling at Christmas is a very special plan because it allows you to see the cities prepared for these special dates., Here we give you a series of tips to make the most of your Christmas trips..

When December arrives, with the Constitution Bridge and Christmas, many people are preparing to go on vacation or take a getaway or small Christmas trips. En esta ocasión, AirHelp, the company specialized in air passenger rights, offers us some tips for organizing a Christmas getaway, and do it safely.

The best destinations for Christmas trips

Some European cities, with the arrival of winter, They are filled with the festive Christmas spirit and are an ideal place to enjoy a few days and do some Christmas shopping.. En este sentido, AirHelp proposes and analyzes some of the most popular destinations for this season:

  • Budapest It is the favorite destination of many Europeans for different reasons. It is a very affordable option when the budget is more limited., and it is also a very culturally rich city with great possibilities. Some examples of the most special activities to enjoy in Budapest in December are being able to enjoy an open-air bath at the Széchenyi thermal baths, the largest in Europe; ice skating on the Municipal Park rink, one of the oldest and largest public tracks on the continent; or stroll through the Christmas markets and fairs that flood the city in the last months of the year.
  • The German city of Cologne It is the capital of Christmas markets in Europe. The city's cathedral houses, in his square, the largest market in Cologne, with a multitude of wooden cabins where merchants sell artisan products, food and drink. Pero, although this market is the most important, It is not the only one that is celebrated in the German city: A market on the banks of the Rhine or Santa Claus Village are also other options to enjoy the festive atmosphere in Cologne..
  • Prague It is one of the favorite destinations to travel at Christmas in Europe. This city transforms when the months of November and December arrive., so it is a good opportunity to get to know the city dressed for Christmas. The largest Christmas market in the city is organized in the Old Town Square, around a towering decorated fir tree. Another option is to enjoy traditional gastronomy at the Prague Castle Market, or stroll through the oldest market in the country -Havelske- que, although open all year round, At Christmas it is decorated with Christmas lights.
  • Copenhagen, in addition to its great tourist offer and its thousands of museums and exhibitions, At Christmas it offers a wide variety of Christmas markets, although the jewel in the crown of this season is the amusement park and the Tivoli Gardens. A space that is decorated with Christmas lights and decorations, creating a charming atmosphere that makes you the protagonist of Christmas. Another of the essentials of the Danish city, if it is possible to square dates, is to go to the feast of Saint Lucia on the night of 12 al 13 from December. During this celebration, a parade of boats decorated with candles and Christmas lights takes place, who sail through the canals of Copenhagen. On one of these channels, el de Frederiksberg, The water freezes in winter and creates a natural skating rink.

Tips for Christmas trips

christmas trips

Continuing with the company's mission to help passengers, AirHelp's recommendations to save some money when purchasing flights is to avoid buying them on Fridays; Wednesdays and Sundays are usually the days when airline ticket reservations are cheapest. Por otro lado, Deciding to fly on a Wednesday is also usually cheaper than any other day of the week..

Due to punctuality issues, AirHelp recommends fly first thing in the morning since, as the day goes by, a “snowball” effect occurs” that accumulates the incidents of the day. Por ello, Experts advise avoiding late afternoon flights.

Even so, there are things that cannot be foreseen. Regardless of when and where the flight is, there is a possibility that you will experience a delay or cancellation of the trip; and more in seasons of high influx of passengers and where inclement weather is more common. According to AirHelp data, más de 1.7 millions of people had their flights disrupted, and around 120.000 Passengers were entitled to compensation in December last year.

¿What happens if our flight is delayed or canceled??

In these cases, It is important take into account the rights that each traveler has depending on the reason for the incident. When the flight is canceled or the passenger is denied boarding the plane, Airlines must provide an alternative flight that the passenger can reject if they do not wish to continue their trip.. En este caso, You can request a refund of the full amount of the ticket.

Además, If extra expenses arise during the wait caused by the flight interruption (food, accommodation or those derived from lost luggage), the company must also take care of these.

According to CE261, that regulates flights that depart from or arrive at the EU, Passengers are entitled to additional compensation of up to 600 euros in case of delays of more than 3 hours upon arrival at destination, cancellations without prior notice before 14 days prior to the departure date and those passengers who are denied boarding due to overbooking caused by the airline. The claim to obtain this financial compensation can be made retroactively up to three years after the date of the flight..

This claim depends and may vary depending on the reason for the flight interruption.. Por ejemplo, adverse weather conditions or medical emergencies may exempt the airline from the compensation obligation. In case of strikes, despite being announced, Passengers have the right to make their complaints.