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It is well known that meat sold, Diesel and promulgates this ideology since time immemorial but to whom it is addressed?

Recently it presented an image of the new line of Diesel Fuel for Life, la Denim Collection, where you see a despelotado Marlon Teixeira photographed by Terry Richardson. The campaign can not be sexual, especially if you think you're going to miss you a spritz crotch the model cejudo.

I believe that when he arrived Fuel for Life was a real revolution in the world of the colonies. Colonies oriented personality but younger and daring people with certain values, sí, sex and binge, macarras but with elegance (in this last campaign I doubt a little, eh). The bloodline of colonies "similar" did not expect and all marks pushed for colonies stylish but adapted to youth, money, fun, sex and rock&roll. And with these ads much more "fresh".

But my reflection goes beyond - will not be I who will discover that advertising makes flesh his champion and the sleaze and sex appeal emblem - Who should read this campaign?

Porque, Let's see, a 'suppose "... I consider myself a young guy, dynamic, dared, outgoing, if I hurry even sexy, but I do not see anything reflected in this picture - and I mean by me pounds left over- I find it hard to think that normal kids seeing this say: "issta is my colony, I hooked it to the package and the street”. I get the feeling that this type of campaign They are geared mostly for girls. Sí, you say what you say, the meat also you can! Yes I imagine more than one walking in the English Court and, suddenly, see the poster in the perfumery and think - or tell you who accompany – "I'll see how it smells - not pack the kid, but the colony - and gave it to my boyfriend / husband / lover or butanero - that there was not going to get ".

Undoubtedly the iconic power is brutal, and so I'm thinking about the image that no doubt will delight the marketing department and those beings "covers-folders" several. This is just an example, if you get to watch ads, Edith, etc - especially moda male - only skin and find "NUDE" ...

Sells meat, repeat, pero ¿cómo, based on what, and whom? That is something that Diesel will surely have evaluated perfectly and will take into account but I keep looking for that public so uninhibited.