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Para todas aquellas románticaslo disimulen o no.

Me hace mucha ilusión la publicación de esta entrevista con Villarrome. Like all the previous interviewees, I present to you a great professional and some products of which I introduce myself as a fan. But in that case, I did not know the brand browsing the internet, but they sent me an email so that I could meet her. Por supuesto, immediately I fell at his feet.

Villarome está gestionada por Rocío,  that it is a jewelry designer for a few 9 años, su estilo es “romántico-vintagedefine, and adds:  “¡¡I would like to invite you to take a nostalgic walk through the past, sin dejar el presente!!”

A romantic courageous businesswoman, sí, you can and should be all three things at the same time, which shows us how, with Ilusion, you can make a dream come true.

– ¿Cómo nace Villarrome?

Siempre he sido la “artesana” de la casa, doing all kinds of crafts. And like any flirty woman worth her salt (just like my mother), I didn't leave home without filling myself with accessories. I started wearing mine, because I never found in the market this peculiar style of mine. and a few years ago 9 años, seeing that not only I liked them but also everyone around me and thanks to their drive and unconditional support, I started selling some things. first as a hobby, because he worked and having a little 6 años, time did not stretch me for more.

Sin embargo, en 2008 due to this blissful crisis, mi vida dio un giro de 360º y decidí dedicarme por completo a realizar mi sueño, make my hobby, My big passion, a profession, y crear Villarrome como marca de joyas.

– ¿what is your philosophy, its main precepts….?

I usually follow some of the precepts of the Gestalt philosophy, and so far I'm doing pretty well:

– Live now, worry about the present more than the past or the future.
– live here, relate more to the present than to the absent.
– stop imagining, experience the real thing.
– Give up unnecessary thoughts, rather feel and observe.
– Take full responsibility for your actions, feelings and thoughts.
– accept being as you are.

– ¿Qué te diferencia de otras marcas de joyería con el mismo estilo?

I am inspired by Art Deco styles, Art Nouveau, and the victorian era, of Marie Antoinette and Josephine Bonaparte, that I am passionate about. At this moment what differentiates me from the rest are the cameos, my muses, in resin, ceramic and glass (the wonderful “Intaglios”). And above all the perfect finishes, like all crafts.

– Mix of materials such as feathers, cristal, tela, etc… ¿Why? ¿Con cuál te sientes más cómoda?

The materials that I always use in my creations are all top quality. I really like looking for rare pieces, go searching for all the places where I travel, small old shops, in flea markets and antique shops. I use glass a lot. (especially the hand painted), for its craftsmanship; the antique gold plated metal fittings that give that special vintage touch; cultured pearls of very different colors and shapes. All mixed up in my Art-Deco shaker along with lace, embroidery, trimmings, terciopelos

– ¿Cómo se consigue ser vintage en 2011?

By recovering old pieces from antique shops and flea markets, brought from other countries and giving them a second chance to be admired and enjoyed.

– ¿A qué tipo de público va dirigido? ¿Cuál es la mujer Villarrome?

a flirtatious woman, romantic, eclectic, who likes art, vintage fashion and shabby chic.

– ¿Cuándo debemos lucir una joya de tu marca? Daily, special occasions, appointed date….

Daily, because every day and any time, can be a special occasion.

–  Presencia en ferias ¿Cómo es la reacción de la gente? ¿Qué es lo que más les gusta?

The meeting with the client is quite special, because it catches their attention to see pieces that their mothers or grandmothers wore but with a modern touch, and hooks them. But the best thing is that I try to move them to different scenarios related to the collection presented, not only through the pieces that I design. I also exhibit through the props that accompany the stand. At the last fair the theme was an enchanted forest full of fairies and elves.

– ¿Cuáles son los planes a corto, medium and long term of Villarrome?

I would love it to be my livelihood, and find new distributors of my brand not only in Spain. It is such an enriching job that helps me learn more every day, to experience new techniques, but above all it helps me feel alive, to meet a lot of great people, enjoy life and my family, and have a quality of life that I did not have before for reasons of time.