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To celebrate the blog's seventh anniversary, I show you what I've never seen before…

On the occasion of the celebration of the seven years of the blog – Seven years and! – I have decided that you see what "you never see”On the blogs of moda y lifestyle. The so-called "discards" which are images that did not turn out well at all or that for some reason were not published. My intention is to celebrate in this casual way all the moments we have spent together thanks to your company during all these years full of information, experiencias and laughs.

You know that I am a person with "little filter" and my blog or content does not boast of "extreme perfection", but yes, amigos, It can be even worse! Here I collect some photos that I never thought to show you but that I think bring us a little closer. I feel like having a laugh together as friends we are!

 NOTICE: Fotos 0% edited, if you are looking for perfection, better close the window

If you thought that I'm always great (I don't think there is anyone who thinks that, pero bueno, it was good to start the sentence), here I leave some discarded and unretouched photos from some of my styling photoshoots. With them I deserve an ARRG from the Cuore manual.

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