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The two-piece suits and plain shirts, preferred by men around the world in a matter of tailoring.

Tailor4Less ha llevado a cabo a study to determine the sartorial trends - It is meant to level business suits, these people taken out very fast palabros – worldwide. The results have helped to develop this infographic shows the tastes of men as far as design is concerned costumes.

According to the study, men still prefer two-piece models; only 27% opt for a three-piece suit. And when choosing shirt, imposed those solid color (72%) and with normal cuffs (70%) meet the twins. In Spain, one in ten men choose unconventional fabrics, convirtiéndose junto a Francia en el segundo país más «fashionista». Yet Few men dare to tux. France is the country where most models are sold tuxedo. And the tuxedo in our country but ranks fifth in the ranking, only 4'3 of Spanish men prefer to wear a tuxedo a conventional suit.

infografia hombre arreglarse