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A great video like Jennifer Lopez Papi can be misted with details such as the continuity of shoes! Where was the script when it is needed?

I appreciate the professionalism of Jennifer Lopez, I think a woman who has carefully worked the post in which it is, proud to be "different", y que, romances and villains apart, I find it a natural woman - pretty diva, true - but ultimately natural playful but out with these egocentric.


Papi's new video is so cute, where we can see JLO chased by hundreds of men willing to be his "daddy". It is almost a short film with action scenes, great lighting, a great camera sequences, unmatched pace and certainly she leaves gorgeous - these pants make something petite - but very guapetona. Total, un 10 if it were not for picky like me, that detect the slightest failure, especially at a point where I fixed a lot. Los zapatos.


If you realize along the video Jennifer Lopez has two different pairs of shoes - both white - the first very very high, with rounded toe and front platform (primear image), and second, very similar to these but with a more cautious heel, closed on the sides and a pointed toe tad. And what about rare that a change shoes star in a video clip? Nada, if deliberately or on purpose. Here surely it is because the complex dance steps are best performed with this shoe wiser and why the change. to look high and low for dancing. (Here the full video - which has no waste - to watch out for movement)

Watch details like these is a function of continuity or script, es decir, which it is responsible for ensuring that the elements making up the film continue from one scene to another even if they are not shot at the same time. They are responsible, por ejemplo, that the cigar does not jump forward or back, or the cup that you are drinking the protagonist not this empty initially more later in the action of audiovisual production. As defined by the wiki:

Function continuista o script It is a profession related to the development of a film cine or television. A person in charge of supervising the continuity of an audiovisual project in its visuals and plot, so that the temporary thread in which the story is told not experience any break of continuity in the eyes of the beholder.

In this case the work was complicated, so we said dancing, pero I had opted to seek intermediate shoes and throw all video directly with comfortable and so spare the detail of having to be changing the vision. Although I think this video Papi, beyond the change of shoes or headaches Script will certainly be a great success of Jennifer Lopez, because the video, as I said above is very nice.