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There is no doubt that visiting the British capital is an experience. Here I give you a list of places you can not miss in London if you do tourism.

The British capital is a city that offers great tourist attraction to discover walking the streets, the ride can last several days or just make a quick tour in one day to discover places you can not miss in London.

It is a city that amazes and can enjoy a London sightseeing tour and discover the great stories of each monument, The great thing about its attractions and charm of its gastronomy.

But I will not keep me much more talking about it and we will comment 10 places you can not miss in London. Among the main attractions to visit in this beautiful city are:

El Big Ben: It is certainly one of the symbols of London, It refers to the Clock Tower Parliament Building London, It contains within it a huge bell. Has been operating since the mid-nineteenth century has been characterized by fully define the timeliness bitánica.

places you can not miss in London

Westminster Abbey: building impressive medieval architecture is striking not only for its exterior, but also inside. As you enter you can see different rooms as the Poets' Corner – where the tombs of poets and literary -, the Throne of San Eduardo – where are crowned sovereign – or the Chapter House and other places of interest inside.

Buckingham palace: beautiful building where the British royal family resides. Built in 1703, It is a building that should be visited between July and September in order to get to know the real salons, Cocheras and The Queen's Gallery.

La Plaza PiccadillyCircus: recognized by locals and visitors as a place to share by offering a prime location, in addition to providing great attractions in restaurants, bares, cafes and theaters. One aspect that stands out in this square is the glow of neon lights that create a unique attraction to this place.

El London Eye: despite its recent construction since 2000, this Ferris Wheel 135 meters high has become an icon of the city. Is made by 32 cabins to accommodate twenty people each. From the top it provides breathtaking views of the city that can be enjoyed by the slow journey that has.

places you can not miss in London

The tower of London: located on the banks of the River Thames, this tower is the construction of a fort that tells the story of the monarchy. It offers several rooms where you can see the Crown Jewels, where swords are, crowns, diamonds, religious objects, entre otros. There is also the White Tower, It is the central building of the tower. the royal chapel of San Pedro is also, where residues are located prisoners. One aspect highlighted in this tower, are the ravens that normally surround.

El Hyde Park: It is the largest park in central London, considered the oldest city, It is a site that offers green areas for walking, ride a bike, skating and even lie on the grass sunbathing. You can also rent paddle boats to ride in the central lake.

St James’s Park: It is very close to Buckingham Palace, It is located in the heart of the city, It has an artificial lake, flowers and shrubs which provide tranquility to those who visit.

The British Museum: Another place you can not miss in London is the British Museum, one of the most visited museums in the world. It offers different rooms where large numbers of objects bastions of humanity exposed. On a tour you can learn and enjoy.

El Imperial War Museum: It offers a collection of documents, arms, military vehicles and aircraft. Performs a count of the different wars that has been part the UK, famous for his military force.

Here they are some interesting places that London offers, It is a city that gives us unique and unparalleled spaces worth visiting to know. And once seen them all, do not hesitate to toast a good pint at a pub in the evening, ¡at His Majesty's service as James Bond!