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¿Fashion can help us beat the heat? ¡Por supuesto! In this article you will find fabrics, fashion designs and ideas to avoid the heat

¡how beautiful the summer! The days so long, planes to relax among friends, read one book to the sun, the blue sky, the calm sea…. And also the sweaty back, the armpit leaving a mark on the shirts, the seams that rub us over «what burned the skin«, ¡all the clothes we have left!

When the heat arrives boys fall in love, ¡we don't know what to wear to withstand the high temperatures! It has always been said that «la moda» not the best friend of the summer, where he «nudism» takes over our lifestyle more than ever. But knowing some of the fashion tricks to beat the heat can also not help., at least in the part that touches: to dress to appear in society – at home we can be in panties (or even without them).

Although the trends insist on telling us that «there are no more seasons» and that you can wear a little dress at Christmas or high boots in summer, the truth is that the thermometer does not agree, ¡and your sweat glands I think not either!

With this in mind, ¿what can we do? Well I have proposed to give you information and advice so that fashion can help you cope with high temperatures. Combining fashion and heat is possible if you have the necessary knowledge. Nothing from the seedy tip of «a fresh dress and throw» , in this article you will learn to choose clothes that do not heat and tips to apply whenever the thermometer trips. You know, Gafas Yellow entertains, ¡but also reports!

The key: choose the fabrics well.

There are times when we have to be more practical than stylish. I'm not saying it, LIFE says so. Knowing and choosing well the material from which a garment is made is essential to determine if it will be optimal for the hottest time of the year. There are some safe bets:

  • The cotton: ¿What am I going to tell you that you don't know?? ¡The wonderful cotton that always saves us! In summer too. Not only is it capable of not giving too much heat, it is also absorbing moisture. Making sure that the percentage of cotton is as high as possible, but the «weights» of the same smaller, the garment will be more suitable to withstand the heat. Eso sí, careful because it can show
  • Linen: Linen, being a vegetable fiber, reduces the sensation of heat and brings perspiration to the garment. It transmits a certain sensation of freshness that is easily explained considering that this fiber is a good conductor of heat.. It can not miss in your summer wardrobe. It is also a fabric traditionally associated with elegance, so it brings a touch of class to all kinds of clothing that many times in summer could suffer..
    • Tip to avoid wrinkles that are difficult to remove: cold wash.
fashion to beat the heat
  • The silk: There is no doubt that silk is the culmination of softness and the sensation of freshness., an ideal fabric to make clothes against the heat. This material is kept at a low temperature despite environmental conditions. Por lo tanto, when you wear a garment made of silk, you enjoy permanent freshness on the skin. But beware, ¡It is a super sneaky fabric! Avoid being in contact with areas where you sweat a lot, since it is immediately marked on the fabric.
    • Tip to keep linen garments in perfect condition longer: It is a fabric sensitive to sunlight, its structure can be weakened if it is exposed to a lot of sun, so after washing the garment it is better to dry in the shade.
  • Chambray: ¿In summer we can not wear denim? Well the original not so much, but that's why we have the Chambray, what is, let's say it like this, the familiar of the cowboy beach. This fabric that comes from France also comes from cotton, but although it closely resembles the cowboy, its weft and threads are finer making it perfect for summer.
Examples of designs in Chambray – Zara
  • Fabrics «silent»: Mixing up the idea a bit «nudism» with fashion, we reach the openwork fabrics. ¿What is cooler than going with the skin in the air? ¡Nada! This is why openwork fabrics adapt to heat. We can find the crochet or the eyelet (synthetic and with smaller holes). Eso si, these tissues only work the more skin they leave in the air, if not, the burden with the heat does not go away.

¿what about the colors? ¿Blanco? ¿Negro?

¿Did you know that black clothes are warmer is a myth?? ¡And just the opposite has been proven by science! En este BBC World article, a teacher from my land, Granada, Arturo Quirantes, professor at the University of Granada, Spain and author of the popular science blog «The Physics teacher» Explain: «People have the idea that white clothing is better because it reflects sunlight, while the black absorbs it and transforms it into heat. Sin embargo, forget about the fact that our body also generates heat. We emit thermal energy. If we wear white clothes, the heat we emit bounces off the fabric and cannot get out. On the other hand, if the fabric is black, absorbs it. And if there is a breeze, it takes away the heat by convection, which is an efficient mechanism to keep us coolyou».

fashion to beat the heat
A loose black dress may be the look that will help you beat the heat the most. Timur Romanov onUnsplash

¿and this information? ¿It's new? Not at all, the fact that black clothes give heat over the years was demystified 80 after a study analyzing the clothing of the Bedouins.

But of course, it has exceptions since depends on the type of garment design. If it is a very tight shirt and that day there is no wind, the thermal sensation will be cooler with a white shirt than black. But not because black attracts more heat, ¡but because it is very hot! The trick is to make the clothes a little loose. So to get dressed, you don't have to just look at the degrees, also wind and humidity information.

Por supuesto, the design must also do its part.

It is possible to be comfortable even when mercury is at its highest point, whenever you manage to keep the body properly ventilated. LFresh clothing is characterized by allowing the areas most prone to sweating to breathe. ¿And what are those areas?? Armpits, neck and calves. When looking for clothing designs that do not give heat, you must apply the rule: the looser the better. The soft dresses, open tops and skinny pants will always be great fashion hits to beat the heat. Feeling imprisoned will play an opposite role in the feeling of freshness. The air between the fabric and your skin will be a great help of fashion to combat the heat.

The space between the fabric and your skin is essential to keep heat at bay. Bas Voets onUnsplash

Apart from looking at the materials used in making a certain garment, it's important to make sure the fabrics are thin and light enough. On the contrary, you will feel very hot when using it and, thus, you will sweat more.

The complements, ¡don't forget the fashion details to beat the heat!

Por último, accessories are also essential to cope with high temperatures. ¿don't you think? And I'm not saying a nice bag, but to use them so that they are efficient in fulfilling their function and away from the heat.

Hats, hats or light headdresses can not only protect us from heat stroke, but also create shady areas that will help us keep our style fresh. Por supuesto, remember, it is important natural materials and that they do not overwhelm since the head is also a very important thermal area.

Y, por supuesto, footwear is also essential, since the feet are one of the parts of the body where there is a higher concentration of sweat glands. Opt for open-toe sneakers, sandals or adapted footwear. Of course also try to use natural materials and avoid those that are made of plastic or rubber, since they tend to retain heat and are not very breathable.

¡And fan very strong!

Special mention in our fashion elements to beat the heat, por supuesto, to the fan. ¡so ours! An indispensable ally for meals and daytime social events. ¡Do not be ashamed to take it out whenever you want and be as you are! The heat does not understand gender, nor of sizes, not at the moment or place, ¡but yes ventilation