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When we are bored we can end up diving in online stores, ¡and biting more than necessary! Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more «Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more».

The truth is, boredom can be so super beneficial – if it makes us consider doing new things – like super dangerous – if what he achieves is that we feel bad or that we give in to procrastination. With this article I want boredom not to be, además, loading, unsatisfactory or capitalist «Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more» as to moda it means. ¿How not to buy out of boredom?

Because one of the things that itches us the most when we are bored is online shopping, ¿true? You open the email, there is a discount in a low cost clothing store and in a couple of clicks all the machinery is put to work to satisfy a punctual and unrealistic need, but rather caused by deadly boredom.

¿How not to buy fashion items out of boredom?

I wanted to collect 5 Tips and ideas to try not to buy out of clothing boredom, accessories or fashion items refers. I will not be the one to deny online shopping – nor am I the champion of anti-capitalism – but it does seem to me that these kinds of actions more than helping you or improving your wardrobe what they get is an excess of elements that not only do not make you happy, but they are circulating a production and transport wheel that, además, harm the environment. ¡And the pleasure achieved is passed by the minute!

1. Don't look at brand emails when you get bored.

The truth is that it seems like a very tempting plan and the idea of «Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more», but it is not the most recommended. You don't need to do it at a peak stress, que, obviously, it won't be good for you, but neither as an end to alleviate your boredom since open the door to fashion shopping out of boredom and not desire or need.

See those brand emails only will generate anxiety about a product that, probably at a time when your mind is not wandering aimlessly, not so necessary. That's why it's best to put on a movie or a serie (una fashion series, por ejemplo) Or any online cultural plan to hang out.

2. Do not be tempted by the offer.

Because of the evil geniuses of digital marketing – among which I am – it's almost impossible «Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more» internet without finding great deals. In blogs, social networks, etc, the marks jump directly into your eyes due to heavy cookies. ¡And we are not made of stone! Before he % discount make you think coldly and avoid clicking.

3. Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more «Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more» Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more.

If you have not been able to resist and you are already on the web. It is time to draw strength from weakness and spend time «Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more» – that was what an old teacher called looking at stores without buying anything in them. For the simple pleasure of enjoying beautiful things.

Well do the same online but being realistic. When we are bored we tend to fantasize. We imagine moments with certain looks that, if they had to pass the coble chek they would be totally out of our closet. I have imagined myself with a wonderful transparent shirt that was very cheap but, ¿where the hell was I going to go with that?

4: Check it with the pillow.

To know If it is a real desire or one of those fashion purchases out of boredom, it is best to consult it with the pillow. Nothing to buy the product quickly when you see it. Save it in your virtual shopping cart – or in your favorites list – and exit the page. Make your life and if the next day you keep remembering what you saw and you are still interested, looking logical, ideal and the same offer as the first time you saw it will have passed the pillow test.

5. Check what you have (not what you don't have).

It is the last tip because it is a «Here I give you some tips to make your purchases more» but maybe I should go first. It is true that it is much more exciting to buy new things (or second hand), por supuesto, but if we know each other a little bit we all know that then at the moment of truth we fall into the same 5 o 6 clothes that we are passionate about. Sin duda, that will make you buy something new out of boredom, but surely soooo similar to what you already have. ¡One year I got together with 8 almost identical short sleeve striped shirts and 5 gray sweatshirts that, ¡You will tell me how different they could be from each other!

Por eso, when we are bored it is better to go to the closet and put it in order, change or reevaluate it, think new sets, mixes or new life with the garment in DIY projects instead of launching ourselves into the clutches of online bargains and filling it, probably with something we already have or don't need. Remember: not buying out of boredom will lighten your wardrobe and your life.

Photo byBrooke Lark onUnsplash