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I was delighted and shocked at the same time this print campaign against anorexia by the Star Brazilian model agency Models.


Anorexia is always a difficult area to treat and its link with moda es inevitable, is why this union of concepts and an overwhelming graphics make this campaign is not only a great idea, if not a good manifesto to defend. Real Girls are the proportions they would if they were one of those stylized sketches are used to seeing.

The campaign has made the Revolution communications agency to agency model in Brazil Star Models, and I have come to her through Creative Creature (blog advertising highly recommend).


I liked the proposal, to be direct, sencilla, clear and very important aesthetic and visual point. Una buena forma de “atacar a la anorexiacon sus propias armas. ¿Te gustaría verte así? The cry makes clear: "You're a picture. Di no a la anorexia

The most brave is to be a model agency which flies this flag, como vemos, There is hope that the fashion industry itself increasingly more valued and adjust the parameters of healthy girls.


Fuente: Creative creature