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JOVENCITOS CON BOTINES. And against all these dictablandas there is only one form of opposition, exercise proud to be different.

Luis G. Chacon / @LuisGChacon

It is said that after an act of the Youth Front, the high-hat lady of a gyrfalcon Franco asked the Earl of Foxá his opinion on the century of guys who had just parading the tough strains of a military march. Agustin de Foxa, intellectual, diplomat and especially, elegant living there good, he replied sarcastically: Ms, hundred children dressed assholes assholes behind a dress child.

It is not necessary to describe the uproar that followed a manifestation considered as bad taste among those ladies so sappy as superferolíticas they could not allow the slightest slip and engaged in the work that they understood their own sex, while their husbands were having fun in the company of young ladies of bad life as a good view on the Madrid nights in a tablao finiquitaban, after being seen by Perico Chicote bar must.

Como no podía ser de otra manera, these uniforms always get that arise in our collective memory the worst memories of a traditional society, violent and castrating. At the end of the day, are blue shirts, black, brown or red, and not to carry or warlike neck mao, the only result of such paraphernalia were the rumble of boots on the pavement, the cries of rigor and alienation and suffering of millions of people under the yoke of dictators in power.

Uniformity only seeks to impose order. And at the least, between law and order whenever I opted for the law is a much more democratic concept. To all of them passionate totalitarianisms uniforms. No matter your design is the result of containment, and Mao's China, or egomaniacal leader creativity run wild in a spiral of delusional insanity where the brightness of the epaulettes and the thickness of the tufts become the most exuberant minimalist nineteenth century operetta.

And it is logical that this is. If the power does not have counterweights tends towards absolutism and the greatest triumph of any dictatorship is to reduce the citizen subject. If everything is uniformiza, creativity that individual freedom contributes to the cultural richness of any social group and society as a whole curtails.

Although it seems strange, the dictatorship of uniformity has never abandoned us throughout history. For centuries we were told that we should believe not to suffer an eternity in hell; then they moved to God for the king and to, this for the country or social class. And today? Today dictatorships are dictablandas but there; Think of the social imposition of a particular imagen, la obsession with political correctness or the requirement that we follow, we feel like it or not, a healthy life.

The reason that forced the Roman legionaries uniform, all free citizens, It was able to identify them in the battlefields. Similarly, some companies to their employees as uniforms part of the brand image. Clearly they are looking for an easy means of identification, It is useful for customers and comfortable for workers. Pero Let us not forget that neither the utility nor the comfort are a style.

However, How many executives leave home with his little suit jacket, She clears her blouse and black heels? ¿How many managers wear every day of the year with the same navy suit notching, the corbatita of the corporate color and footwear company with more than inappropriate moccasins? I assure you there is nothing more stimulating to walk through the noble plants of large Spanish companies. The only difference with those centuries so well defined Foxá Count ingenious is that men do not look shorts and women do not hide some bloomers under her skirt pudorosos.

And against all these dictablandas there is only one form of opposition, exercise proud to be different; exposure our own personality, be different from others and distinguish them all. At the end of the day, la person It was the name the ancient Greeks gave to the mask of the actor and that turned this into a different individual. Let us not be fearful, we throw the fire uniforms and we ourselves.

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