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Photographer Bruce Weber makes this video of the new colony of Giorgio Armani.

The force of the sea and the luminosity of the sky are the elements that most attract me to Pantelleria and that is what inspired me to create Acqua di Gio.. Para Acqua di Gio Essenza, I wanted to create a concentrate of power and sensuality”.

Giorgio Armani has always loved the Mediterranean and was inspired by the rocky landscape of Pantelleria to create Acqua di Giò in 1996. A fresh and sensual blend that has become a classic among men's fragrances.. It is an irresistible combination of salty touches of the sea, sparkling citrus notes, musk and almond cedar. This exceptional fragrance personifies masculinity in harmony with nature, becoming a fragrance of escape and sensuality.. Hoy Acqua di Giò Essenza releases a new capítulo with an Eau de Parfum, a new, more intense interpretation of Acqua di Giò.

A BOTTLE OVERFLOWING WITH LIGHT. Shares the same architectural lines as the Acqua di Giò bottle, but adding light and technology. An inlaid silver-plated plate hugs the base of the glass like a mirror to give the fragrance an even greater shine.. With a single click, the new magnetic cap with the Armani logo opens and closes the bottle with a simple gesture.

PERFUME. Water of Giò Essenza, created by Alberto Morillas, evolved from its predecessor but differs from it in many ways.

The output note is different: in Acqua di Giò, the famous calone, that submerged us in the salt water of the sea, has given way to a new ingredient that is used for the first time, the Casalone. We no longer float in an iodized wave but in the freshness of fresh water, in the revitalizing purity of a flowing spring. The water runs and shines in a constantly renewed dance, running through the entire formula and giving it an extraordinary and persistent freshness that the heat of the skin never overshadows.

 A deep freshness with hints of cologne, sicilian bergamot essence and delicious grapefruit skin.

Now the heart note: the hedione, a basic product of contemporary perfumery created in 1960, is replaced by one of its descendants, still new to the perfumer's palette, cleverly named paradise. Just like its predecessor, It has the incredible ability to illuminate everything around it without overshadowing the other ingredients and to endure and anchor the molecules to the aura.. The Paradisone also adds a floral and vaporous touch, intriguing and delicate, that reveals the beauty of jasmine from Grasse and the vegetal facets of basil and sage.

The base note is also characteristic at the same time that it reinvents the whole.

Almost all original elements are present, albeit totally reformulated. Patchouli is obtained by a new distillation method, becoming the “patchouli heart” that removes the usual hints of camphor and sweeps away the earthy heaviness to focus on vibrancy and play with leathery notes. The cedar comes from the Atlas and is very pure, almost milky. Haitian vetiver reveals soft hints of pepper and tropical wood smoke, far from the expected Mediterranean notes. Regarding the Ambrox, between animal ambergris and clary sage, there are ten times more than in Acqua di Giò Eau de Toilette.

The result is an incomparable sensuality, the tempting lure of skin.