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They are your niche perfume, The Perfumer, which sulibeyan me!

Last week, granadinas a number of bloggers and I were visiting Il Profumiere in Granada, (San Anton).

It is a perfumery "niche" ... no, no, It is not Tim Burton's favorite (even if it would probably knew). Se trata de un center dedicated expressly typical perfume exclusive and high range, for people looking for something more special. Niche perfumes are those fragrances exclusive, in some cases even custom, a professional manufactures in small amounts, to get something authentic and original.

During the tasting we recognized perfume different aromatic families (you hesperidadas, Aromatics, floral, amaderadas, you cipriadas, orientales) and composition. I loved the aromatic, florares and cipriadas and I was hooked least the rest, siendo Eastern maybe my least they conquered. While we are testing a perfume smell learned differentiating between output (notes that the principle perceive perceived during 15 minutes after application), heart (are the notes that give identity to the perfume) and background (Base notes are perceived at the end, or woody musks are often notes). Una experience great that I did appreciate a product that often even forget me - right there recognized that often I forget the leaving home, because I do not have it to the side of the deodorant. (but I promise you this weekend have restructured all and I have already placed my colonies to the side not to forget.

Although already he knew, Thanks to this tasting I reaffirmed my unconditional love for "Tilda Swinton Like This" transgressive signature of Etat Libre d'Orange, a perfume as "strange, staff and ambiguous "as she, but he is able to impose any garment.

Among the many scents the minds of the attendees and Patri and Jose - the owners of the premises - was rising vapor would they be? hehe - and We began to ask questions that we all had about perfume, reaching gaps in the following interesting conclusions:

  • Perfume You should not gush through the skin, should be sprayed at a distance.
  • El true scent of a perfume is discovered to 15 minutos, when it reaches the heart of the same.
  • An exclusive or high-end Perfume Not worth much more expensive than those found in any firm.
  • We should not be faithful to perfumes, Like you do not wear the same clothes to go out and buy bread for a black tie event.
  • A perfume (the various) puede define your style even more than a signature of clothes.
  • There are no winter or summer perfumes.
  • The scent of a perfume usually it lasts about 4 horas, who tell you that lasts longer, lies.

Besides knowing all this, We had a few mini pizzas, some delicious sandwich and toast with fragolino, to end a delicious chocolate cake, all done by himself Patricio. An afternoon / evening where we could find that true luxury is to find something that makes you feel special and perfume, no doubt, It is one of those small pleasures of life.

Inma (Choco-Chic), mother (Fashion Art Love), Laura (My Fashion Vespa), Estefania (Born to be blonde), Rosario (Real Trends for Real Women)

Sobre The Perfumer en Granada

The Perfumer en Granada, que nació en 1989, and he has since tried to provide customers with the best products in the world of perfumery and cosmetics. Il Profumiere thus joins the list exclusive "niche areas" that respond to the demands of a modern lifestyle where personal care is of great importance for both men and women.

And a few musical minutes ...

Y por supuesto, Speaking of perfume could not help but put you this song, one hit all the associated perfumes ... world but not! ¡Estimate! The term perjúmenes is not what you think, but it refers to a woman's breasts Did not you know?