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A delight to the sight, for the palate and mind… Random has positioned itself in a very short time a benchmark restaurant in Madrid and rightly! I tell my experience here.

In a world where almost everything is invented and nothing surprises anymore, suddenly someone comes along wanting to do something new, special, from the heart, and makes it happen. This is the case of Restaurante RANDOM (C/ Caracas, 21 – 91 410 92, the third restaurant of Esteban Arnaiz and Aynara Menchaca (Le Cocó and El Columpio)”.

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When you put your foot in its huge door, you know something new is waiting for you. Old renovated premises there are many, but with the essence and style of Random very few. It's not that I'm a master in decoration, but when things are done well you can feel like home. Its design is the work of one of the most sought after interior designers: Juan Luis Medina and his team from Madrid in Love.

When the food arrives, it's not just the view that you enjoy, so does the palate - and let's not fool ourselves, is the most important thing in these cases. We found a letter - with a very original design - that shows us traditional dishes with a twist, mixture of flavors that manage to surprise us but keeping us in our comfort zone (there are times when leaving it during a meal is worse than enjoying every bite). That is why its market cuisine is renovated with international touches., reminiscent of French cuisine, Japanese, Scandinavian or Peruvian, in which ‘there is a little of the best of each site’, and an intense taste in the mouth that transports you with the five senses to the best restaurants del mundo.

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In our case we ask for starters "mi - cuit de foie with seeds and licorice sauce" Y "butter fish and fried shrimp tartar with mustard dressing and sumac”. And as main dishes "baby squid stuffed with codium pesto" Y "low-loin bulgogi with oriental pickle salad”. The four dishes were surprising as well as familiar and we loved them. Además, all the details helped to further enhance the mix - the tableware, the dressings, the waiters - but always with a close and simple touch. to have dessert we go to your terrace, which with the same decoration offers you to be outdoors, thus complementing the options of enjoying this Random restaurant.

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‘The result of ordered chance, of inherent creativity, from fear of the conventional. Because the static and repetitive is boring, in Random we are dynamic and random, away from confusion and always looking for fun. We are gastronomy, creativity, day, night…’ .- explain its creators

and to finish ... ANONYMOUS CLUB

And finally, We ended up having a personalized cocktail in his Anonymous Club - his speakeasy in the heart of Madrid, un Private club which can only be accessed with a password - where one of the most beautiful restoration bathrooms in Madrid is located. Allí, with this pink cocktail we were able to chat with Ramón, your bartender, de la vida, the city and even the adventures that the future holds. "We don't know you, you don't even know us. We want to see you but not know you. We are your object of desire. A code, an invitation. A restaurant that does not exist. An inviolable secret. A club where you can see without being seen ”, explain. And from this area I explain a little more to preserve the magic and that you go to visit it.

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Fotos: Pablo Panigua (the officers) + Carmen Díaz with my mobile chungi