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Some photographs of 1920 taken in New York could be the first selfie ever.

The magnificent years 20 (Dry law, wildness, jazz…) He did not bring only tricks to be able to offer calm, if not that time is loaded with technological innovations arising from social advance, social improvement and the search for new ways of expression. The photograph, that grew unstoppably took a new essential leap ¡selfie was invented! ¿You do not believe me? Here you can see it:

It was a cold morning, un 20 December in the roof of the Marceau Studio in the heart of New York (Fifth Avenue) where the miracle would take place. There they saw the birth of right now so in vogue “selfie” – self photography (or a group) taken by oneself –. This is a photograph of the year 1920, made by The Byron Company, with a pronounced fisheye that lengthens the perspective exaggeratedly.

Those who star in the snapshots are Joseph Byron, Ben Falk (hold the camera), Pirie MacDonald (center) and Colonel Marceau, y Pop Core.

The word Selfie has been named as the word of the year 2013 by oxford dictionary. If this team of photographers were still alive…¿They would put her in profile Facebook?

Como veis, the photo that captures the moment is not of the same moment – look at the hats – if not, it was recreated later to immortalize the other angle.

Fuente de la noticia / Fotos: The Byron Company

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