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Madrid Fashion Show Women back another year to celebrate the independent and commercial fashion in Madrid.

I already told you that this year I did not want to miss this edition of MFSHOW Women (Primavera – Verano 2016) sponsored TRESemmé which has been welcomed in the spectacular Centro Center Madrid (The beautiful Town Hall next to the Cibeles) during the first week of September. I am going to tell you about the parades that took place on the second day….

But first…. Let me take a selfie…. por ejemplo, con an incredible model who paraded on the catwalk and that fills me with pride since "we have seen her grow” en Granada. Paula gorgeous and great Willems

Paula Willems Gafas Amarillas

¡Oh and before continuing! Remind you that you do not lose the post of day 1 de MFSHOW Women con Aurelia Gil, Bloomers&Bikini, Charo Azcona, Eugenio Loarce, Gilles Ricart, Highly Preppy, Marcos Luengo and Yono Taola


AnMargo was responsible for opening the walkway on the second day of Tamer MFSHOW with a parade where Warhol has been the engine of this collection transferred to Women. Deployment of forms that need that wonderful color vision, allocated, attractive, powerful, and as in Pop Art, It is easy to feel that with him vitality is achieved, joy, power, immersed in a palette of colors that will be impossible to find another style, roses, rojos, verdes, yellows. Inevitable look at Edie Sedgwick, which it was the party girl of the moment, wealthy and refined was pure femininity and pure eroticism and her AnMargo go into that woman wants adjusted to the canons of moda of the 60.

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Isabel Nuñez

A las 12.45 Isabel Nunez presented his collection based on the music and the harmony of colors. Dominate the architectural and flowing lines, with texture overlay.The embroidered tulle detail as star and a range of colors ranging from the cauldron and pink through the lime and navy blue. Watercoloured silk voiles prints, crepes and georgette silk fabrics will star a bold and unique collection.

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The first parade of the firm that has grown dramatically in recent years caused a real furor. Some expectant and supportive attendees – even with applause – each of the pieces presented by Berta Martín Saínz, designer signature, for next spring – verano 2016 inspired by a trip through Provence.

The essence of the collection is the embroidered tulle. Accompanied by gauzes, silk and organza; fabrics which provide much freedom and movement. The delicacy of the clothes blends with the environment, subtlety filled with the beauty of women Poète. A country setting, leading the collection to dress the perfect guest. A landscape of lavender horizons, fruit trees, hayfields, antiques, traditional dishes and above, a lot of flowers, we venture into a dreamy atmosphere.

Gran Canaria Moda Calida: Rosa Elena Rubio and La Clave

A little bit of the fortunate islands invaded the afternoon of the second day in MFSHOW Woman as parades Gran Canaria Moda Calida proposals were developed with bath Rosa Elena Rubio and La Cave. "Free, cute and crazy” is the name of Elena Rubio's collection, inspiring the collection at the end of the decade of the years 40. Por su parte, Rosa La Clave presented “Rise&Shine” presented is a clear message in itself: Arise and all, dazzles. The garment itself provides a clear message of joy and colorful dazzle, giving as a design results in a collection that seeks out the body plan and enter a volumetric dimension.

David Christian

David Christian has transported us to the exoticism and magic of a countrýs that seduces through́s of the five senses that have inspired the firm in its prónext collectiońn summery. Marrakech, a city where the summer never ends. The traditiońn the rugs through́s of Kilim print, fringe, the tassels and mosaics más characterśstics of the Moroccan culturé they become protagonists of a collectiońn full of prints that blend harmoniously in the same garment. flight́exaggerated mens, organza and brocade prints inspired by palm trees play a fun dance in andares.El woven fabric, returns incorporating uneven stripes and golden touches that symbolize the glints of the sun at sunset on the Moroccan coast́.

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A great scenery and styling very appropriate theme and had remembered the details very cool but obviously be made that this is the colecciín awarded this year by TRESemmé and one of the most highly valued by attendees


LAB MFSHOW winner by PANDORA parade with a brilliant staging of Japanese inspiration. His collection “Thousand Cranes” is inspired by the legend of the thousand cranes and the art of origami. With a visual image, its collection is a work of art which is reflected in all its parts. The fusion of fashion, femininity, origami and design. The message we wanted to convey is the feeling of elegance and movement that spread through much studied based patterns and forms, geometric figures, linear and careful and exquisite craft, undisputed brand value.

Monica Cordera

The winner of the last edition Tamer has unveiled its PARADISE / SUNRISE collection she calls free, ponderosa, wild. An explosive collection that cultural fusion is the key to a dare designs with an explosion of color as attractive as shocking. With an eye on the horizon and looking into the eyes at sunset, patterns are creating a dance of shapes and shades that blend resulting in neutral tones and relaxed.

The basis of the new proposal are flowing dresses, pleated skirts with lace bodies and sophisticated subtly palazzo pants that cling to the waist and overlays, draping and ruffles are again signature stamp. Sometimes, they give way to joint two pieces flying from the austerity and acquire male dyes combining crop tops with baggy pants culottes and more urban looks.


  • The models eat, and among them are friends, and they have a blast even if they sometimes throw a little of the pelo.
  • Caring for the scenery is a plus and helps you understand much more the concept of each collection. Petals on the floor, lights that come and go, arab arches…. anything goes to convey the feeling that the collection seeks and give personality to a staging that is often too trite… pero…. (read the next point)
  • Nothing dangerous play with scenery, instead of being aware of clothes, we are more concerned to see if a child suffers a mishap. In the parade of David Christian, inspired Marracket, we attempted to simulate an Arab source, that was great, but I finish work and part wet soil, We are doing all we were afraid a bad slip, luckily everything went well and above have seen the photons out.
  • ¡I love little gifts! (Whatever they are)
  • TRESemme has eradicated perfect waves from the face of the earth… or at least, It is what it purports. ¡Great sponsors giving it their all!

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