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All / as we supermodel of 90 dentro, Which is yours? Find out in this test!

Linda, Naomi, Cindy, Helena, Claudia… All these names (and some more) They have become part of the moda and they have inspired the world from 90. They left a golden age in the world of fashion. Supermodels became true icons… Identify with your personality and tastes… With this simple test – six questions – You can find out what the supermodel 90 you are. Eye, It is not scientific, Let's see if you're coming up! Let's play!

Where did the term come Centerfold?

According to him book Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women por Michael Gross, the first known use of the term "supermodel" was in 1943 by an agent named Clyde Matthew Dessner in his "how-to" (how to do) book he wrote about modeling. Sin embargo, a writer named Judith Cass used the term before Dessner in October 1942 An article in the Chicago Tribune Titleholder, «Super Models are Signed for Fashion Show» (Super Models are Signed for Fashion Show). – Fuente: Wikipedia.