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Last weekend I was able to enjoy an incredible dinner at the restaurant Ramón Freixa Madrid thanks to Solan de Cabras.

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La pasada edición de Cibeles fui invitado por Solán de Cabras para poder conocer la pasarela desde dentro y contar todo lo que la marca de agua realiza en su unión con la moda. Esto se trasladó en un vídeo ¿Quién dijo que no se podía brindar con agua? (you can see here). Among the various videos presented participants of this initiative bloggers,they chose mine as winner of a fancy dinner at restaurant Ramón Freixa Madrid.

The restaurant is located in The only hotel, in the neighborhood of Salamanca, and it has the recognition of 2 Michelin stars. Expectant and happy to discover something so new - never been to a restaurant of author – I went there with my friend Mercedes on Saturday. ¡Fue una experience increíble!

En un very special and limited environment - there is a maximum of 35 squares per night but last Saturday we were only in the room a 14 people - highlighting the conjunction between sobriety and modernity. At a dinner that lasted 3 hours discovered dozens of new flavors and combinations I never thought possible.

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That lots of surprises! The menu consisted of a number of dishes - about a fortnight - where to go tasting many different proposals. Highlighting the perfect combination of classic and homemade ingredients against interesting and innovative forms of union in concepts. We were surprised enormously "Flowers fried capers", the "edible scraping" or "truffle artichokes”. In the section of the great flavor of the dish - which left speechless - my favorite was the "socarrat autumn mushroom "and" Veal royale ". Desserts, Also surprising, mixed elements would think that could ever be part of something sweet, cone sandalwood.

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As a curiosity I can tell you I was offered a series of homemade bread rolls, performing the father of Ramon Freixa, still my favorite seaweed. We drank the champagne "bubbles" by Ramón Freixa along with the indispensable water Solán.

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And finally, among the details to take into account highlight the attentive service from the waiters and pleasant disposition, y the dishes served during lunch, I I'm a big fan of cooking props - do not know if the dishes, glasses, cutlery, etc as a whole have a specific name. The soil, the robes that covered the walls, the mural depicting a night view of the Gran Via street They created a great feeling of comfort and closeness. (Below you can see a picture of your website)

restaurante ramon freixa madrid

An experience that mixed ahead and luxury, plus the innovative cuisine and a great evening. Solan de Cabras Thanks for making it possible, Restaurant thanks Ramón Freixa Mercedes team and thanks for being my companion.