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Cheats, tips and ideas against oily skin from a blogger who has suffered a lifetime shine Stop please!

It is one of the most important part - and largest - of our body, so you have to take care with special attention. I'm talking about skin. It is true that dry skin has fewer problems and easier solution (with a good moisturizer everything is solved) but oily skin – also called scientifically Bata – It is our main concern and requires more care. So I'll give you some tips - hola BeBees – to try to improve.

Many of them are based on my experience, because my skin is of this type and I have a lifetime fighting oily skin we mentioned.

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Sleep, eating and exercise: This advice is good for all, a healthy body we will improve inside and outside. Enough sleep very important to have a healthy and rested skin and leave work cycles internal regulation. Good food (fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fiber) It will also help limit the effects of oily skin - personal example, do not pass or 24 h since as chocolate or something with lots of cheese and I get pimples. Además, exercise and the sweat, remove toxins from the skin that keep it from within limpita.

– Good hygiene: No, I do not mean to be not enough duchéis, but we must try not to touch your face with dirty hands, or rapidly remove sweat, not exploit the granites, etc…

A good facial cleansing. We are all day with external agents even if they seem dirty skin – as pollution, mismamente, invisible but serious. So you have to remember every night to clean skin of the face well if we fight hard against oily skin. Let's be possible even with a cleaner to help, it is always good to have good warriors in our battle. After cleaning an astringent tonic is recommended to help prevent pores are formed and blackheads.

Exfoliates occasionally: Exfoliate the skin well, or peeling occasionally never hurt anyone; it's more, It helps improve our skin. To remove dead cells and improve skin. Esto, por ejemplo, once a week, when we have more time and we give yourself relaxing in the bath.

Consult a professional: Often we do not give importance to these things that seem "common", but if you have acne and persistently repeated is best to go to a professional. A dermatologist to examine the case and will recommend, specifically, what emjor for you. If your skin is acne, consultation before using any cosmetic product with your dermatologist, he knows better than anyone what your skin needs after making a diagnosis.

contra la piel grasa

I wanted to convey this advice because nobody we like to have excessively oily skin, with glitter and granite or some other black spot. To improve their appearance and control symptoms, these tips has given me the Spanish cosmetics firm Silea, to carry out with patience and perseverance. Además, recommends any of its products such as Cleansing Gel with new formula to cleanse blemished skin, blackheads and fat trend (25€), Balance Tonic for toning, soothe and moisturize the skin with impurities and blackheads (29€), Lipocomplex to tone and treat in depth skin with enlarged pores and sagging (69€) Balance Cream or care for younger and oily skin with dehydration (38€).

Además, I mentioned these tips in FM Decade. I leave here the podcast if you fancy listening.