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The stylistic relax is one of the protagonists of the summer, and much more if we go a calm day at a barbecue by the pool.

Mix stripes and plaids, the big problem for some people and that many other everyday pleasure. La moda siempre se debate entre esta lucha de titanes del estampado en la que, al final, both are winners Who can resist? Have you ever heard someone say "I hate t-shirts with stripes "or" pictures as not "? Those people do not exist! But hey, que me voy del tema… quería solo enseñaros mi styling de mix and match para un día tranquilito de barbacoa y piscineo con amigos para celebrate birthday so frequently during the summer - Those that when we were kids ran out to celebrate, They are now the most anticipated.

2015-08-29 13.27

IMG-20150829-WA0011 2015-08-29 13.30

This mixture of colors and prints, hearsay that might seem difficult, como veis, it becomes a very interesting game that brings a touch of elegance - if they wish to call it pijerío - A styling as simple as possible. You know what I'm bipolar and as I like to mix classic and modern, what shortie (Bathing Suit) with Larguita (sleeve three quarters). But after all .... The clothes then hinders to enjoy water!

This session has a very curious anecdote mi amiga Something "imitándome" which you can see in my Fanpage Facebook.

Camiseta: Zara / Swimsuit: Studio Classics (El Corte Inglés) / Thongs: Ballina / Gafas Sun: Time For Wood

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