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A vintage shop should be that, ¡Vintage! And a great example of this is Oh Oh July, a space in Granada getting, with good vibes and style, move to the best of any bygone era.

We spoke to their owners to tell us how the idea and what they intend with this shop that promise yourself become a multidisciplinary space where you can find the best of each house, and every time.

We sat in its shown / bar with stools and a coffee in hand, it is impossible not begin to discuss this project.

Give the play and enjoy the spirit of this shop!

– How the idea comes from a vintage shop riding?

I have always liked this type of clothing and moda, so if we rode a business had to be this…We love that dig into the closets of our mothers and grandmothers,or go to flea markets in search of treasure.

– ¿What symbolizes Oh Oh July? Why that name and image?

We really like the Spanish yeyé! “Oh, Oh, July "was our song one summer and we thought it could be a nice name for a store like ours, then we wanted to give a touch even more naif choosing as a doll picture like comics "Esther" Purita Campos,which christened "July" With that idea designer Vanesa Zafra made this logo so nice .

– Retro fashion trends Are there?

If they exist, because they are the same trends of fashion in general and they always look at the pasado.De suddenly "it becomes fashionable" one time or another ...

– What will visitors find Oh Oh July?

Garments totally exclusive clothing for both girl to guy in a very special and nostalgic atmosphere. You can find everything from things that remind us of our grandmothers as those you knitted sweaters handmade,zapatos, bags ... even objects that seem fun as cassette tapes. Apart from this we offer a personal service, and advise the person or adapt the clothes in our shop costura.Lo we want is that our customers a single garment are kept and they feel great.

– Store decor …. Are you passionate about these elements?

Definitely yes! It is an aesthetic that is part of us and we have taken care to detail, we like to retrieve objects from the past home of family or friends, and some tidbits are also a grenadine decoration shop with whom we have much in common called La Lonja.

– How You select the garments? What it is the process from acquired until offered for sale?

For the selection of garments we rely so much on current trends and our personal tastes. Since the clothes until it reaches the store is a process that takes time choose, because first we wash and ironed and then there are some items that require special care or go through the sewing workshop. He thinks there are things that can have fifty years!

How do you delimitáis prices?

To put the prices you look in the design of the garment and the fabric quality and good conservación.Lo their status is that more and more people who appreciates this type of clothing: It will never be the same going to a party for example with a Zara dress to go with one vintage, the customer pays exclusivity and quality, before making it was also better quality.

– ¿Granada is a city that values ​​retro?

They are now emerging new stores in Granada, and "it vintage" is booming in Spain but in general are in a country where there is not much habit of recovering things used, which in other countries is fully extended.

– What are the exit garments that have?

Dresses and sweaters 80s girl, and shirts "western" Boys.

– What are your plans for Oh Oh July?

Now let's put online store where we sell clothing and accessories especiales.Ya very nice and will let you know.

We would also collaborate with some of our friends who are related to music or photo and the result can be interesting, so maybe we do some exposure for example.

– Adelantadnos wanting something that you may recover

All fashion 90s, as they are worn by the protagonists of the series or iconic movies of our childhood.

Excellent store promises. El Lord of the Yellow Glasses and it added to its list of essential! And that ye may be able to pass and take a look the address is:

Street Fabrica Vieja, 14. Granada, 18002.

Or if you want you can follow on Facebook, where they give good account of acquisitions and personal style.

Fotografías: Gema Reyes Vico