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More than a complement, owning luxury watches is also a pleasure, ¡in an investment!

Many civilizations around the world since ancient times made efforts to measure time developing techniques increasingly complicated to do… once it developed accurate and universal a measure thereof, scientists and mathematicians came together to create a device that could measure, ¡and thus the clocks were born! If it is a pleasure to enjoy time, doing it with one of these luxury watches is even more functional (not only tells you the time, but assures you «the future»).

Given its high manufacturing cost, because every single piece had to be done by hand, They were reserved for the most exclusive part of society, only those who have much money could have access to one.  Today there are many varieties of watches and are accessible to all, but there are some brands and models that still reflect that exclusivity, ¿you want to know more?.

Luxury watches… ¿From where they come?

The first luxury watches They were prepared as pocket watches, and they were mainly used by wealthy men. ¿how not? Adaptation to watch dates back to the fifteenth century when Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1812 He built the first pocket watch that could take out, lighter, capable of engaging a bracelet, necklace or garment, for the younger sister of Napoleon, called Caroline.

Thereafter las women have adapted to this innovation and men their traditional pocket watches, they were actually impractical for those carrying out activities outside the aristocratic and bourgeois group,  it involved stop what they were doing to look at the time and often lost pockets because the chains that held them were broken or tangled somewhere.

Why Alberto Santos Dumont, a Brazilian pilot, he asked Louis Cartier, which at that time it was a watchmaker in Paris, who will design a watch so that it can carry specifically on the wrist- Of course this request was fully complied with, and developing the first wrist watch.

Since then and during World War I wristwatches were imposed between military. Since that time they have had many changes to make increasingly smaller and more efficient

¿OK worth investing in luxury watches?

Luxury watches are a sure bet as regards investments, for they are not only beautiful and practical storage, (You can have many in one place) but also provide a high chance of profitability especially for the collectors market.

While it's true no one can know with certainty what performance you can give a clock Luxury, We can give you some guidelines that can help you buy the right watch:

  • The fact that a particular model is eye-catching, además,  should be limited edition, what will come almost immediately in the central focus of collectors and of course, You must retain its original shape and color, because it is a feature that can increase much more value.
  • The more exclusivity has launched a major watch will be its market value, of course also depending on the materials with which it is drawn,  which may include gold and precious stones tremendously increasing its value.
luxury watches

¿As verify that it is not an imitation?

But do not get the sneaking…. First of all you must see that does not have scratches or wear, as it will devalue its price. Además You should always have a certificate of authenticity issued by the manufacturer stating its date of manufacture, serie, if it belongs to a limited edition plus, You must have a parent who can perform regular maintenance so that it is always perfect.

¿where do you get these luxury watches originales?

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