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This brush Rowenta steam is the best choice for fast results and comfortable, Access finds’ Rowenta Steam For those who we do not like ironing!

He did not know the concept "steam brush" but knowing this Access´ Steam de Rowenta I see it as an essential element in the house. Rowenta equipment indicates "Although not all we like board, making it is certain that we all like to look fresh and impeccable clothes. Rowenta has created the new steam brush hand Access’ Steam”. Se trata de a device that can be used without ironing board and suitable for all types of fabrics. En 45 seconds you have it ready to tune the garment you need with a range of 10 minutos. It has ergonomic handle and trigger 2 positions: continuous steam output or only the press.


It can be used in all kinds of fabrics and garments without fear of damaging them, also it has a specific accessory for delicates and another for thicker fabrics. (It can even be used in household linens such as curtains or large pieces like coats). And not only remove wrinkles to garments, but it is also capable of removing odors - such as jackets that we will not take the dye - and even disinfects the clothes. (PVP Recomendado: 69,99 €).

Mi experiencia

People who know me - and I will tell you too - knows what I like least about the work of home (Apart from washing up, I hate it) - is ironing. Si, It is curious that dedicating myself to moda and giving so much importance to garments, take a long time without taking an iron, both laziness and stress - I do not know use or patience to make it all right. For that reason, in the miss when I say that it is access’ Rowenta Steam has gladdened my life.

The ease of use and ease with which iron has made, if you avoided at all costs before having to board - still a thousand tricks for washing and tended to avoid any wrinkles maximum - now time to remove wrinkles on clothes (most of my clothes do not need ironing, but if some concrete shirts) It has become almost a game. I love, besides simplicity, the power you have and the good end result in all kinds of garments fabrics.

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I recommend it very much for people who, como yo, does not like ironing; or to settle in far less time needs ironing. You put whatever you want on the hanger, grab your "gun" - doing a little James Bond Paripe, por supuesto, chas and make you ready What a joy!