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Pcman specific products for the care of the hair and beard of the urban man today.

The products Payment is characterized by being formulated with natural ingredients and high quality active ingredients that care for and protect the cabello.Según Profesional Cosmetics, its creators, "He man's hair requires special care because it has a greater tendency to fat production and dandruffy por eso se crea esta línea especial para el hombre dentro de sus productos. The range consists of two branches, dedicated to the hair and beards dedicated half part and long.

Starting at the head, el As Champpo it is a conditioning shampoo is menthol triple action: prevents the formation of fat and dandruff, hidrata los cabellos y refresca el cuero cabelludo. Va acompañado de la As Lotion, hair lotion with refreshing extracts 7 natural plants and Vitamin B5, purifies and refreshes the scalp while strengthening hair. It is also the Hard / Soft Pomade, ointment creamy consistency that allows easy combing hair. A fixation on two levels for greater flexibility of hair.

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Following this line of care, PCMan specific Beard appears to meet the needs of men with beards and long stockings. These products work together to clean, moisturize and care for beard and mustache. It has a specific shampoo and conditioner beard that deep cleans eliminating bacteria, moisturizes the skin, softens, adds shine and prevents flaking. El Beard Oil, composed of essential oils of Jojoba, Argan, Grape and almond soften and deeply moisturize the beard and mustache and beard wax (Beard Wax) wax which is a soft-hold control beards and mustaches.

review pcman barba hombre profesional cosmetics

Mi experiencia

Me han gustado mucho los productos PCMan ya que de forma sencilla cumplen toda la gama de necesidades posibles que un hombre requiere en pelo and beard. Shampoo, condition and fixation for head and, care, hydration and facial hair for hair. ¿Qué mas se necesita? Simple and everyday use, the PCMan line delivers what it promises. Also I liked the smell of the product, I always remember and natural elements like lemon or mind (Mint shampoo is a treat not only for the hair but also to smell).

As the beard, I had tried shampoo and serum and these of They PCMan maintain the level and become a staple within my grooming, gracias ala comodidad y cotidianidad que puedes permitirte con productos así formulados. Lo que nunca había probado es la cera para modelar la barba y esta de Profesional Cosmetics me ha sorprendido porque me parece una solución muy sencilla a la hora de pelarnos con las barbas medias o largas y esos pelos rebeldes que todos tenemos, fixing the beard without being uncomfortable.


Here you can see a picture of my Instagram (I hope you follow me) which shows the gloss he had a beard during the trial of these products (now it has become my routine) And the hair, promise under the helmet is just as great.