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If the sorrows with bread are less, the times of celebrations with detox juices too.

There comes a time full of excesses in which we get carried away by the Christmas parties. But to our body we have to give – macarena joy – one lime and one sand; and that's why it's good to take a break between binge and binge. A good way to do it is by alternating our diet with juices with healthy and natural ingredients. (There is nothing better than natural remedies to restore the smooth running of our body), whose intention is to naturally cleanse the body of all the whims of food and drink that we commit during the Christmas holidays.

These three variants of juice are very practical – and very easy to carry out, you already know that I am a denied in the kitchen – to keep our body healthy during the excesses of Christmas and, además, they contain many beneficial properties for our body.

zumos navidad 2Tomato juice

The tomato becomes the best ally in the Mediterranean diet, if during the summer our soul falls in love with gazpacho or salmorejo, in winter it can help us withstand excesses by turning into juice. Tomato juice is obtained by putting about six or seven very ripe tomatoes in the blender. – – if we want to intensify the flavor we can accompany the mixture with coriander, cinnamon or vanilla – and later we will put the result directly into the refrigerator. It couldn't be easier!

  • effects: The effect it produces is anti-inflammatory, In addition to being a good pain reliever and eliminate toxins produced by excess food. The properties of the tomato are very good to protect us from irritations or inflammations in the throat or stomach pain..
  • the best hours: It is good to consume it before going to bed and for breakfast just woken up.

vegetable juice

The vegetable is one of the healthiest juices for these dates so accused by our body. Since they contain a series of ingredients capable of helping us purify and improve our digestion!! It consists of putting two medium-sized tomatoes in the blender, add half a chopped onion, a medium-sized diced cucumber and a teaspoon of extra olive oil. We put this solution in the refrigerator to cool down and be able to take it in ideal conditions..

  • effects: Drinking a glass daily will provide us with the necessary vitamins – such as vitamin C – necessary to recover the vitamins lost with the intake of alcohol during parties and celebrations of these dates. Además, is a highly diuretic product to eliminate waste from the body.
  • the best hours: Before lunch or in the afternoon

Honey and lemon juice

Not only by inflating ourselves with food can ills come to us during the holidays... the cold can play tricks on our throat. Por ello,I also recommend the honey and lemon juice. Heat water while you squeeze the lemon and look for honey – it doesn't matter what kind you want (rosemary, azahar, thousand flowers...) all will keep their properties. You should use the same amount of honey as lemon to balance the acid and sweet taste.. Stir well and drink it before it's cold.

  • effects: Soothes and relaxes the throat, as well as clean of possible viruses.
  • the best hours: Before sleep.

zumos navidad

artichoke juice

Artichoke and fennel juice is another that comes in handy for the Christmas holidays. It is made by squeezing a tablespoon of finely cut artichoke leaves, half of fennel bulb, about four greenish dandelion leaves, a few stalks of celery and half a ripe courgette. It is best to dilute it with a little water to mitigate its bitterness..

  • effects: Thanks to the properties of the artichoke, we will be able to eliminate many of the toxic substances that are deposited in the liver. The rest of the components come in handy to eliminate the toxins found in the kidneys. And you have to add a convenient weight loss aid effect.
  • the best hours: Por la mañana.

so you know, To counteract binge eating during the holidays, nothing better than hydrating yourself well with these juices that also provide added benefits. I already taught you en este post the Moulinex Infiny Press that made me happy for more than one afternoon during the summer, why not take it out again and enjoy the natural juices again??