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A proposal for essential items to meet this summer

This year I decided to propose a series of garments based on a mix of comfortable, the trend and what I think is coolest to define a styling to become a must for this time, in this case the selection is in Zara. I want you to think globally and how, individually, they can play with your clothes and residents in the closet and save you over styling. I hope you like them!


Imprescindibles Zara 2015 mujer

  1. Romanas Beige: This is the summer of the Roman. Why not as versatile how are you? The same newspaper that make do for you to exit. 35,95€.
  2. Mini denim skirt: Los 90 They have become stronger than ever, and with them these skirts sure remember. Molan. 29,95€.
  3. Monkey flower: The "hidden" Levan several seasons pants Us, but to get this monkey effect fun dress. € 29.95.
  4. Shirt with ruffles: A trend that has come this summer are strong fliers "daily" with shirt like this. € 17.95.
  5. Fringed bag: An excellent supplement this summer is the backpack, I loved this fringed leather. 69,95€.


Imprescindibles Zara 2015 hombre

  1. Ripped jeans: They are a must for several seasons, but it seems to have normalized enough so you do not look weird when the lights another day. 39,95.
  2. Symmetrical checkered shirt: The symmetrical pattern has tax tables this summer, even while Zara has created a complete collection for men. 25,95€.
  3. At Vitamin: Colors like orange or yellow can not miss this year in our closet. 22,95€.
  4. Gafas sun carey: The hawksbill imposed again this summer when retro increasingly harder with us: 19,95€.
  5. Slip on color: Summer is much more comfortable to slip on, cheer this year with chute color. 29,95€

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